How to Bring Up Your Business In a Casual Conversation

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1. Practice active listening

In order to do this, you have to actively listen to your prospect. Keep in mind that a good conversation contains more active listening than talking. It should be relaxed and flows naturally based on your common interests. You are looking to build a long-term relationship with your prospect. So keep it interesting, educational, and inspiring.

2. Find the needs of the person you are talking to

You can gain insight on people’s needs and priorities and what matters to them most during a conversation. Listening actively can help you pick up on those insights and understand them thoroughly.

Oftentimes, your prospects will show you how interested, excited, or engaged they are through their Body Language.  If you pay attention to their physical engagement, you’ll notice that they’re communicating separately from their actual words, and showing you how they really feel. You can also tell whether they are bored or detached from the conversation through the same way.

3. Make them comfortable

Increase their level of trust and comfort with you by building on the conversation and showing your true interest and knowledge about the subjects that you are discussing. Use questions to clarify points and to keep your prospects attention in the conversation. Stay engaged to get a good feeling of what they really want and how they want their life to be changed.

4. Show that you can help them

Once you have established a rapport and finally understood what their needs and wants are, show them that you have the capability to help them get it done. It is very important to bridge the gap between what they need and what you can offer. It would be an easier job for you if the opportunity you present is truly what the person needs. The offer should really help your prospect, not confuse them. Just pushing a product for the sake of selling can not only damage your reputation, but also ruin the work you put into building a personal and business relationship with your prospect.

5. Maintain the lightness of the conversation

Keep in mind that it’s not an opportunity meeting. It’s just a casual conversation. So don’t try to push it into a sales call. It will do more harm than good. Just give them an idea about the business and insights on how it can help them. Build the trust and leave them wanting to know more. If they are really interested, they will let you know.

6. Accept the feedback of your prospect

Not all good conversations lead to a potential business relationship. Your prospect may find a way to take control of the discussion and make you forget about your offer. They may even refuse the moment you try to open the subject. These reactions are normal especially if the person you’re talking to is not really into network marketing. Don’t be upset. Simply move on to the next prospect and practice working on more great conversations.



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