Network Marketing Success Training with Carl Ramallo

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Network Marketing Success Training. You have to make changes in your standards. What are the musts instead of the shoulds? Are you calling your team to see if they need support? Are you doing co-ops with them? Are you running ads? Are you doing a postcard mailing? You must condition your nervous system to be your best in your MLM/ Network Marketing program. You need to start training your brain. Visualize your success in your program. Take a hundred dollar bill wrap it around some smaller bills & walk around with it. Put photos of you and your product (s) with yourself in front of a NEW car you would like. Stare are it in the morning and at night. Clarity is POWER , when you know what you want your brain will know how to get there. The RAS, or Reticular Activating System, is that part of the brain that takes care of what you notice and not notice. A human being has the faculty of self-consciousness.The human brain far surpasses any computer on earth,that said. The brain can receive, classify and respond to sensory information without data penetrating into consciousness. Although, if a repeated stimulus finally results in conscious awareness, this is because the RAS has been activated. If someone wishes to lift up a copy of the Robb Report, than there is no need to decide what muscles to use.

1) The way to go from where you are to where you want to be, you have to be specific. Being general will not cut it. You gotta get some power in your thinking. You have to know the specific result of what you want. “I want to reach Diamond in my— (your MLM program)” .
2) Next,is why? Why are you doing what you do. You must have reasons. Reasons come first, and answers come next. What steps must you take to make it happen. You need to have enough reasons.
3)What is your plan to make sure you follow through on your plan. You do not have to be a detailed product and comp plan freak. It has nothing to do with success. Have the proper mindset to take on this business. If your sponsor ignores you, forget it. You act like the leader you alwaysy wanted to be and your team will do what you do. Are you following the training material your company has? What value do you bring to the table. Yes, alot of people do not get checks because they quit to early. If everyone in your group does what you did today, where will you be tomorrow.
4)Ask questions of any leaders in the company you are with that have the lifestyle that you want.

5) Learn daily. Practice what you learn. Applied knowledge is power. Be excited anbout your program and take the time to become a star in the program. Don’t quit. This is not an option. Keep you actions and get better at your weaknesses.
If you are bad at prospecting, just talk to more people to develop your skills. Remember, What we need to do is to create a very specific picture of our goal in our conscious mind. The RAS will then pass this on to our subconscious – which will then help you achieve the goal you are looking for. I’ve had the pleasure of working for such great leaders such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig and others, and whatever I learned I tried to share with my group as I applied the tactics towards the MLM -Network Marketing Industry.

6) Don’t worry about what other people tell you when you approach them with your opportunity. You have that belief in your pitch and tell will go “humm”. Just go to someone you run into and say, ” I am working with some successful folks on a project to make some extra money part time, would you know anyone that would be interested in making some extra money?”
If they say what is it? BINGO, don’t talk to much , just give them the info on your company and ask them if they would like to speak to that succesful person, on a 3 way call after you follow up with them and see if they see an opportunity for themselves. Some will, some won’t. next. Not everyone in the world wants to be an entrepreneur. There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless they are willing to climb themselves.
7) Figure out what they want and market that to them. Do not sell them your Weight Loss Product. If they want more time with their family,travel more. Market that to them. People do not join a certain company, they join people. Why should they join you? Would you sponsor you?

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