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21 Golden Nugget Social Media Tips and Tricks for Your Business

Social Media21 Golden Nugget Social Media Tips and Tricks for Your Business. Social Media is about People., so no matter what line of business you are in so you need to make sure that you communicate with your target audience as closely as possible. Did you know that Facebook Tops Google for Traffic in the U.S.- that is pretty Amazing if you ask me. So where do you want to find your Target Audience? Do you know what that Audience is? Well, here are some Lil’ Golden Nuggets to help you  out in your daily business practices.

1) Pick out where you want to focus on getting your Traffic from out of all the different Social Media Avenues, 3 or 4 and Master them.

2) Map out a Strategy on to help you stay on the right track and remember to plan out your “Attack” daily or if you so wish, weekly and monthly. However, be consistent.

3) Learn to understand the needs of your Target Audience. If not you will never know, right?!?

4) More than 1.74 Billion illion people monthly access Facebook through their Mobile Phones, as of 2017. Ever consider Mobile Advertising? There are more cell phones on the Planet than there are T.V’s.

5) 50% + of people follow their fave brands on Social Media. So how will you want to Brand yourself? Give it some strong thought.

5) Monitor and listen to the needs and wants of your audience.

6) You must build trust and credibility. When people get to know and like you they will trust you and want to do business with you. You must build rapport. Listen to them closely. The old saying, “God  gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason”.

7) Do not make a bunch of noise. On Twitter all I sell is Pitching Products and Opportunities. Where is the Engagement?

8) Social. Just THAT – be IT. Have fun and ask questions. Successful People ask better questions, in turn they get  better results.

9)Approximately 40% of Social Media users write about Brands. Pay attention on how they do this and pick up a tip or 2 to develop your style.

10) What will you spend to increase your exposure in Social Media?

11)  4 out of 5 Smart phone Consumers use them to Shop.

12) You must learn to Create Value in the Market Place. So connect with your Audience and give them the time that they deserve.

13) Timing is important is Social Media too. The Best time to Post on Facebook is between 1-4 pm est. Daily and believe it or not early Sunday eve.  Source: (Mashable)

14) Post a picture of your Product or Service on Tumblr, which is best in the evening.

15) Nike and Starbucks are 2 of the Top Brands on Instagram. Remember to use Hashtags in your user name #CarlRamallo….wink wink.

16) Participate in a Promotion perhaps. It’s a great way to get people talking about your Company, Product or Service (s).

17) Create a create a custom URL for your page or Website.

18) Display any photos that best represent you and your brand.

19) Learn How to use Hangouts.

20) Develop calls to action (CTAs)

21) Keep your content ffffflllllooowwiiiinngg!

If you found any of these Tips to be helpful, please Share and give me feedback. It is very much appreciated. Thanks SO much for your time!

Enjoy Life & Live the way you’ve always Dreamed of!!!

Create a Great Day,

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