What makes a Good Network Marketing Leader.

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What makes a good network marketing leader? For starters, leaders don’t wait for other people to give them permission to do something. They just do it. Leaders accept responsibility for the choices they make in life. They don’t get sucked into the “victim mentality” syndrome, which is characterized by a persistent desire for people to blame others for their
poor choices. Bottom line: Leaders realize that the decisions they make are all theirs, and thus take full responsibility for any resulting failures.
In the world of business – especially network marketing and direct sales – leadership is the defining ingredient that separates the mediocre from the superstars. It’s the act of persuasion. It’s getting people to see new perspectives and do things they normally wouldn’t do. It’s about setting your ego aside and having the passion and charisma to get people to follow you. Leaders don’t follow. They just do. Leaders,whether in the family,in the business,in government,or in education,must not allow themselves to mistake intentions for accomplishments. Life responds to deserve and not to need. It doesn’t say,”If you need,you will reap.” It says,”If you plant you will reap.”The guys says,”I really need to reap.”Then you really need to plant. U must have Thick Skin – There is a lot of rejection involved in selling through a MLM business. If you take things to heart you will be upset and defeated quite a lot of the time. You will need to have thick skin in order to be able to brush off rejection and move on.
Do you ever wonder why some people are able to consistently make money in Network Marketing while you continue to struggle, losing more money than you’ve ever been able to make? “I’ve tried everything,” you say, “and nothing works!” Does this sound familiar? Or, “I’ve been in literally hundreds of companies, and either people drop out faster than I can bring them in or the company goes under before I get a check!”
What is it that the people who are making the big money in mlm are doing that you’re not? Do they posses certain qualities that you lack? Are they just super sales people, and you can’t sell a chipmunk to a cat? Did they just get lucky and get in at the beginning of opportunities while you always manage to join companies the day before they go under? Do they luck out with super sponsors while you end up with someone who is working 25 mlms simultaneously and thinks that “money games” are the road to riches? Are leaders born or made? The old adage states that leaders are in fact born. I disagree with that partially. Anyone can learn to become a leader, and be a successful one at that. That is the key, learning. Leadership is a process, one that requires learning and understanding. Formal education will make you a living.Self-education will make you a fortune.
It takes two simple acts to begin the process of leadership. It takes the DECISION to become a leader. And, it takes the COMMITMENT to see the job through.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the leaders in network marketing and the people that struggle everyday? Leadership means taking action every day. They have an understanding, that in order to be successful you must take what each day gives you and learn from it and grow. When one is a committed leader, people are attracted to the energy of the leader. It is something more “felt” than spoken. The first step is to take the focus off oneself and put it on the members of the team. Network marketing success is built on good relationships and leaders know that to be a success you must understand how to really connect with people. People like to do business with people that they like and trust. People know when someone really cares about them and their success and when the don’t. Help Motivate Your TeamSo watch your upline carefully and ask them how they have helped motivate people in their downline. Never be afraid or too proud to ask for advice. After all, isn’t MLM all about duplication? Find ways to show them that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and truly believe that you can achieve it.
Being a successful leader simply requires that you never stop learning. I have always believed that the day you stop learning is really the day you stop living. Part of success is preparation on purpose. In business, they day you stop learning is the day that your business stops growing. 92% find learning to be a confidence builder and enjoyable.65-75% of Folks who buy Generic MLM leads never call them-that is an Industry fact! I’ll go back to that line I use a lot is…”If everyone in your downline,did what you did today,where will you be tomorrow”. Do you have written goals and a business plan for your business? Do you immerse yourself in learning the business and growing as a person?

Does your passion for what you are doing come through and are people attracted to that energy? Lead Through Learning. Life asks us to make measurable progress in a reasonable time.That’s why they make those fourth grade chair so small. Leaders know that the key to developing a successful business and partnership with others involves deflecting the spotlight off of themselves and shining it on others in their organization.

People have to believe that they can achieve something that seems beyond their reach. So offering an encouraging and supportive environment helps to increase their willingness to try. It is a wonderful thing to be a leader that is constantly evolving and finding new ways to improve, but you also need to offer those opportunities to the people that you are leading.

Repetition is also important to leading through learning. The chances of a person retaining a concept that has been introduced to them dramatically increases the more that they are exposed to it. So don’t just show them on Monday and figure that they will be able to use it the following Monday. Less then 2% of people will be able to remember and use the concept. People need to be exposed to a concept 6 times in the course of a week. They then will retain that for 15 years. How can I prove this, look at TV commercials – who doesn’t remember the little gray haired lady yelling “Where’s the beef?!” Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to success. o be a successful leader, you must be a lifelong learner. The one indispensable quality all leaders must have is the ability to make decisions quickly. This one quality separates great leaders from lesser ones. We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons;inspiration or desperation.

Leadership is a thing by itself. It requires far more than ability.

You can acquire and learn leadership skills but you must invite yourself into it. You are not born with it. Remember… the arc wasn’t built in a day but Noah did have a plan and a great coach. True success will only come from your desire to help other people make a difference in their lives. We all have two choices;We can make a living or we can design a life.

Dwight Eisenhower liked to show how the best leaders functioned. He would stretch a rope across a table. Then he would push the rope. Of course, the rope crumbled. Then he would pull the rope and it would follow his hand movement. That he said is what great leaders do.To be a great network-marketing or business leader, you must know, go and show the way. Leaders know where they are going and how to get there. They show the way. Their example inspires others to follow them.Remember,if you have No Goals and do not write them down…well,how would you know if you get there? If you choose NOT to have goals while being a leader,than you will always be under the plan of someone who does. The choices you take determine your direction and ultimately your success. Make the choice of leadership and empower others to do the same.
That is why you must apply tremendous,passion,enthusiasm into this business.Enthusiasm,comes from the Greek word-ethos-which means from within.Folks,I ask you what is “In you”? Do you recall the Gatorade ads? Is it in you?
Let me put it to you this way.Say you are standing out in a Schoolyard Sandbox,and I go over and put 4 of the largest diamonds,you’ve ever seen in the sand,and start mixing it around,then I go:”O.K,take this tool and go dig up the diamonds.”
And you are going nuts,sifting,your arms are getting tired and you are ready to quit.Well,you saw me put the diamonds in there,right?
Imagine all the folks that are waiting to get involved in your business,to prove to you that there ARE 4 diamonds in the sand of your Network Marketing business,just waiting to get into business with YOU! They are out there,just keep on going thru that sand.

Mark Yarnell,said “Have a goal bigger than you are”.There is nothing wrong with failing,as long as you realize that you’re alway’s failing toward success.Think about it,it what business can you get into ,fail,over & over-and not get fired?



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