Law Of Attraction

Does the Law of Attraction really work?

AttractDoes the Law of Attraction really work? “What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?” that the main thing separating her from her hopes and dreams was the belief in her ability to achieve them. Learning how to apply the Law Of Attraction in your life will help you achieve the success you have always wanted.

People do not achieve their full potential ,because of our limiting belief system.Most of us are like this for most of our lives. There are many things that we want to be, and have and do, but we hold back. We are unsure because we lack the confidence necessary to step out in faith in the direction of our dreams. Adler, the great psychotherapist, said that men and women have a natural tendency toward feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. Because we lack confidence, we don’t think we have the ability to do the kind of things that others have done, and in many cases, we don’t even try. Lasting self-confidence really comes from a sense of control. When you feel very much in control of yourself and your life, you feel confident enough to do and say the things that are consistent with your highest values. Perhaps the most wonderful result of developing high levels of self-confidence is the positive impact that your personality will have on your relationships. There are two mental laws that are always operating and that determine much of what happens to you in your interactions with people.

The first is the law of attraction, which says that you will inevitably attract into your life people who are very much like you. The second law is the law of correspondence, which says that your outer world of relationships will correspond perfectly, like a mirror image, to your inner world of personality and temperament. We begin to “sell ourselves short” and see all the reasons why something might not be possible for us. We magnify the difficulties and minimize the opportunities. We become preoccupied with the possible losses we might suffer and the possible criticisms we might endure. Our fears and doubts paralyze us, preventing us from acting boldly. The only real antidote to doubt and worry and fear and all the other negative emotions that sabotage our self-confidence is action. Your conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time, positive or negative.Understanding Social Marketing is a ProActive Process,in which doing the business,is the ONLY way to develop & grow. The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation… I’ve always enjoyed a quote by MLK: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Act as though it were impossible to fail. So I ask you….What would you dare to dream if you believed in yourself with such deep conviction that you had no fears of failure whatsoever?

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