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Why I got involved blogging in The Empower Network. Simple, I love to blog daily. Blogging is fun and what I was looking for when I started to blog, is to find a way to get good at it and monetize my blog. Everything in this electronic world via computers and social media is spreading online like crazy. It is a craze if you ask me. Empower Network, has a blogging system that you can tap into to help generate profits today. There are many blogging systems out there, but I do not know of one that you can even make 100% commissions, that is amazing, right? I think the first step that makes sense is to get involved with a proven blog system where you have a system that provides training and is premade that you can customize. So what are you passionate about?

My Niche has been personal development, motivational, success minded topics like the law of attraction. So I think that having an educational system that ties into a blog system is key, because we all need training on how to start a blog. WordPress, has a lot of tools to help your blog get up and running. Try to engage your users when you post an article by asking them to leave comments at the end of your article. You can always edit any article after you get it out there in the social media world, that is one of the best things that wordpress offers. It has all types of plugins to help you. A good tip to remember is that Google and the search engines love to know who and what are you doing, so register with blog directories. Online marketing daily is crucial to get your blogging system noticed. You have to learn how to self promote, especially via social media- you know which ones I am talking about. An important thing I learned was to use the tags in my post as part of my blog body. Don’t keyword stuff the article. I always strive to give good solid content to the friendly readers that take time out of their busy day to spend some time with me.

When I blog daily it is so important for me to engage with my readers. The one thing that I would like to see is more participation from the readers, so I know how I may serve them better. A lot of people are so focused on just learning how to make money blogging, that the engagement goes out the window. With the Empower Network, you can literally bypass all the technical aspects on how to blog daily and learn how to make money blogging. Creating value is very important when you blog daily. With consistent blogging daily you will get better at it and yes of course you will profit from it. Please let me know how I may help YOU answer any questions in regards to creating a profitable blog for you. For more articles please visit AttractionMarketingBiz.com

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