The MLM Fairy Tale….Or the Dream of Great Wealth without any work!

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The MLM Fairy Tale….Or the Dream of Great Wealth without any work! “My MLM program will make me wealthy without work! My sponsor will build my downline and…….Best of all-I never need to invest any $ !’’

Friend…….it just doesn’t happen that way! This program is REALISTIC in terms of you finally having an opportunity to make some good $ in 6-9-12 months as long as you are willing to do what I do EVERY month. Since 1989 in my MLM tenure, I have helped train many folks into earning hundreds, even thousands from their home every month.

There is no magic to this business just a simple desire & valid dedication on your behalf.
Answer this “Would you sponsor –You?” …… “If everyone in your group did what you did in the last month where would your group be?” When I was hit with the 2 Questions above I fell off my chair!!! It’s true.

$ Time-It will take some time to develop your business. This does not mean in 2 months after you sign up – you’re rich
(I will not insult your intelligence that way).

$ Education-Learn as much as possible about your program and about MLM in general. You will become more competent and certain about your abilities if you know what you are talking about.

$ Grass is always greener- Stick with your program! Too many would be millionaires jump from one program to another and never find success in any program. Treat this like a business: just like if you had to pay off a bank loan monthly on it. The problem with MLM is peoples attitudes towards it Simply, the cost of entry is small & the cost of exit is as well. My friend who is a # 1 rep in another company , he said “MLM works if you do!?” …hhummmmmmm how profound!!!

$ Don’t wait for everything to be exactly right to start. IT NEVER WILL!

$ Don’t let little problems upset you. Concentrate on the many positives……….and the “big picture”.

$ Lead by example. Do all the things you want your distributors to emulate.

$ Seek your dream: if you do what you love the $ will follow. Tod Barnhart (Millionaire).

$ If you need $80k for you 1st year of retirement & inflation avg 6%, you’ll need $143,200 to support the same lifestyle in 10 years and $256,000 in 20!!! -that is scarrrrrryyy –we need this business more than ever!

$ According to the Social Security Admin. At age 65 :45% are dependent on relatives, 30% live on charity,23% are still working, only 2% are self-sustaining……..why?

$ A recent Merill Lynch study showed the avg. 50 year old has less than $2,300 in savings.

$ Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill……ya’ did? Read it again!

$ Take charge of your financial future or someone else will take charge of it for you!

$ Life says: “Make good or make room, but don’t make excuses.”

$ The habitual procrastinator always is an expert creator of alibis.

$ What do you want from life & what have you to give in return that entitles you to it?

$ A person who only does enough work to “ get by” seldom gets more than “by.”

$ “Change your thoughts & you change your world.” –Norman Vincent Peale

$ End martyr sabotage now-the images in your mind run your life & become physical reality.

$ If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost.

$ Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go…don’t be one of the others!
Look we all have the same 24 hours in a day, kids, sick parents, insurance bills, mortgages….whatever-Bottom line is you will either want this or not-but deep down inside you will thank me in a year!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this article helps you move toward your personal, financial goals in the future. God Bless 



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