Why must you be a part of this Mr. or Mrs. Prospect

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Why must you be a part of this Mr. or Mrs. Prospect.People have to believe that they can achieve something that seems beyond their reach. So offering an encouraging and supportive environment helps to increase their willingness to try. It is a wonderful thing to be a leader that is constantly evolving and finding new ways to improve, but you also need to offer those #opportunities to the people that you are leading. Repetition is also important to leading through learning. The chances of a person retaining a concept that has been introduced to them dramatically increases the more that they are exposed to it. So don’t just show them on Monday and figure that they will be able to use it the following Monday. Less then 2% of people will be able to remember and use the concept. People need to be exposed to a concept 6 times in the course of a week. They then will retain that for 15 years. How can I prove this, look at TV commercials – who doesn’t remember the little gray haired lady yelling “Where’s the beef?!” Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to success. o be a successful leader, you must be a lifelong learner. The one indispensable quality all leaders must have is the ability to make decisions quickly. This one quality separates great leaders from lesser ones. We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons;inspiration or desperation. http://news.yahoo.com/thrive-historic-world-recession-lyoness-international-celebrates-9th-070236038.html
Leadership is a thing by itself. It requires far more than ability.

You can acquire and learn leadership skills but you must invite yourself into it. You are not born with it. Remember… the arc wasn’t built in a day but Noah did have a plan and a great coach. True success will only come from your desire to help other people make a difference in their lives. We all have two choices;We can make a living or we can design a life.


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