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Social-Media-CollageSocial Media Marketing Strategies. I know, I know, you want to reach a National audience,however, I am learning that a lot of great leads are being generated from local and regional searches. I’ll give you some examples. 73 % all online activity is based on local searches online. Local Businesses will do most of their searches using a Search Engine as well as 88% of consumers.  So what does that mean to you. Well, for one thing is that you start by building a trust in your immediate area market base. You will be surprised what relationships will develop by doing so. I met someone one day and I had a nice Golf outfit on, and he asked if I was a Golfer, the rest is history, especially, if you let them beat you on the course LOL.

According to Google, out of 70% of searches that are done by companies online, 20% of them are for local searching. I would highly suggest that you register with any local directory you can find online in your area. Do a little research and check into some Social Media Marketing Strategies Online and look at: Twitter’ Follow Fridays and even Facebook’s Small Business Friday. You can engage in some great relationships that will help you develop your online brand. If you are looking to start building locally then your next step is to start branching out on national level. Remember, you also never know who your local prospects know nationwide.

On Twitter, you want to engage with people and keep them informed of industry news that you should share on a regular basis. You want to be a leader in your field and keep on the cutting edge of what is happening in your industry. Once you share it and then build trust they will enjoy doing business with you. Don’t just follow anyone o.k. Follow those that you want to keep in touch with. Search for a conversation on a discussion , let’s say: Blogging. Then join that convo. In the World of Facebook, set up a fan page if you have a small business, keep it separate from your personal page. Channel your activity feed toward people you know. Identify your audience and where they spend their Online time. Photos and videos spread like viral rapid fire here. Share content and tag away. Social Media searches are really starting to take shape with Google Plus. You can assign an Author next to (Google + Authored Results), this will influence search results. People with a photo, will be linked to your Google + account. SO that is an advantage to increase your click through rate.

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