Sales Training Techniques; Tips to Market your Business

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Sales Training Techniques; Tips to Market your Business. Everyone is Selling something. It can be a product or even a service. Everywhere you look people are networking.  They are recommending and promoting products and services to one another.  You can’t miss it, 95% of the reason anyone eats at a particular restaurant, spends money in a shoe store, waits hours to get into a nightclub or buys that car is because somebody recommended or promoted it to them!

How often do you recommend a great movie, a good book, an excellent restaurant or even a brand name product you felt is a superb value?  All the time!  And yet, have any of these companies ever paid you for the powerful, persuasive “advertising” you did on their behalf?  Certainly not!

We are all doing it — yet most fail to ever pick up a check for all their networking, their recommending an promoting.  It’s really a shame. When you market a product online or just even talking to a friend in a cafe, it is simply a systematic approach that harnesses the awesome power of word-of-mouth advertising…and asks the question, “Why not get paid for something you do so naturally – and so well?” That is, the network of people you already know.  Sociological studies have told us that by age 21, the average person is acquainted with over 800 other people.

These are the same people with whom you would normally share things that please and excite you.  And they, in turn, will do the same thing with others they know.  Networking is the most natural business there is – which is why so many people, regardless of their background, can be successful as they improve their selling skills.

There are 5 steps to the sales process: Introduction, Building Rapport, Education, Validation, and (final) Close. The pre-qualifying should happen during the Building Rapport stage of the process.

Second, as you are Building Rapport and heading toward the Education portion of the sales cycle, use a “Test Close”. The objective is to do a litmus test to see if you still have the customer’s undivided interest in how your products can help meet their needs. A few questions one might ask at this point are:

  • “Based on what I’ve told you so far, is there anything that concerns you that you would like me to address so we can move on from here?”
  • “How does what I have told you compare to your current situation? Do you believe that we have a solution that would positively impact your health?”

“What are the three things you are looking for that will drive you to change the way things you are doing now?”

Create the vision in their mind with your words and emotions. Mary,“Imagine the feeling of….” “Can you see yourself…?” “How would your family enjoy…” “What would happen if you really did achieve this..?” “I can see you living in that home…can you?” Again,find out what the prospect wants to happen in their life that is not happening, then “paint them there” in their mind with your words

“Where the Mind goes, the Mood follows.” Everyone has a Story. What’s Yours?

Think about your own dream and how you can use it to tell a story. Regardless of who you are, everyone wants equality, freedom, worth and love. Improving your sales closing skills is about creating new possibilities for people’s lives.

Networking  involves building relationships with people. It’s about partnering with others to help them realize their dream. Stories can help paint pictures and spread those ideas. People remember stories. I think the older and busier we get, we accept things as they seem to be and just deal with them. Are you letting life happen to you, or do you want to make your life happen? 


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