Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Tips, interview with Carl Ramallo on The Pearl Polto Show.

Law Of Attraction Tips, interview with Carl Ramallo on The Pearl Polto Show.

Carl is the former Marketing Specialist for Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn. He has a Success Blog with Social Media, Network Marketing, and a Motivational speaker;

Pearl Polto,    is a nationally known author, talk show host, and credit expert. Pearl    has been a featured guest on television programs from the East Coast to    the West Coast, and has appeared on CNN, QVC and Fox TV. Pearl is also    a regular on The Trudy Haynes Show. Pearl has her own talk show called The Pearl Polto Show LIVE on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM on Ustream.

Pearl works tirelessly as a staunch consumer    advocate for over 25 years presenting seminars and speeches    across the United States and lobbying state and local governments on    behalf of the American consumer. Pearl is a credit expert and author of    many best selling books including “Easy Guide to Good Credit.” As an    award winning insurance agent, paralegal and notary, Pearl has helped    hundreds of clients from all walks of life restore their credit. Pearl    Polto uses all the credit laws under the Fair      Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to have your account information    disputed, updating and/or deleted. From charge-offs to liens, even    repossessions, they have disputed virtually every credit problem under    the sun and helped thousands improve their credit scores…from    doctors, attorneys and movie stars to blue-collar workers. I hope you enjoy the Show as much as we did 🙂

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  1. This is a neat summary. Thanks for shranig!

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