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Subconscious Mind. What is your Frequency?


Subconscious Mind. What is your Frequency? We come with a believe that you create a Lifestyle with your Wishes and Desires. Of course, during your Life you become aware that Life is a struggle at times and you Create that Self Doubt, saying things like:

” I wish I made more Money” or ” It’s not in the Cards for me” . Don’t be a victim to these thoughts, do not buy into it. The Universe is not against you at all and it will support your every desire. Your Belief System Shapes your Life. You need to re-empower yourself. You need to Create a Biology that is Positive and your Brain will release a Chemistry that assist in Manifesting a Physical Experience for you. The Conscious Mind is right behind your Forehead and it is the “Creative” Mind. There is no time bounds for it o.k. However, the Subconscious is a Million Times for Powerful than the Conscious, so you must learn how to use it to your advantage in whatever Lifestyle you wish to Achieve. The subconscious mind believes and acts on what it is told,  Tell your Mind that : ” I Release my need to Procrastinate” , ” I am willing to change my Relationship with Money” ,  “I am comfortable with New Opportunities” .

Do not Sabotage yourself any more. Remember your Subconscious releases signals of past experiences all the time : Unsettled  situation like a bad business deal or relationship…your mind will react to that Energy Field. The Subconscious Mind is Subjective in nature. and it can not reason or distinguish between positive and negative. Since it Controls more than 85% of your Mind-make sure you do the best to make it Work for you. When you are using it you must realize that you have the Control to the Mechanism.

Your Mind is Programmed Genetically and Environmentally,  so unless you have the Life you Desire than you must develop the Frequency with your Thought Energy.  The Paradigm controls the Vibrational Frequency and the Vibration controls the Actions that produce the results.  Your Paradigm dictates your logic and it controls the Money your earn, too.  Your Paradigm is formed by the repetition of information. You process anywhere between 60,000 – 90,000 thoughts a day, so make sure that there are some Life Changing one’s in there.

Example : If you want to Change How Money flows into your life?  Well, then say this Daily a Thousand times for 90 Days: “I am so happy and grateful that Money comes to me in increasing quantities from Multiple Sources on a Daily Basis…and it will change your Concept about Money.

Till next time, I do hope this article was helpful as well as enjoyable. Please give me some feedback and if you are so kind perhaps Tweet to a friend.

Enjoy Life & Live the way you’ve always Dreamed of!!!

Create a Great Day,

Carl Ramallo

Home Business Success Coach

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  1. Excellent article Carl! Our subconscious drives 96% of our decisions so overcoming these internal blocks is absolutely necessary to reach our highest level of success! Thank you for providing such valuable content!

    • Many Thanks, Jill. Very kind of you to say. Once we break free of those barriers in our Subconscious- The Universe will Deliver what we ask of it! Keep in touch 🙂

  2. David Haines says:

    This is really good Carl! I love the self-talk you instructed people to say. 1000 times a day should bring about some positive change in their lives!

    You know, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter describes the conscious mind as the size of a pea that you can hold in your hand, and the subconscious mind as the size of a hotel. Great word picture!

    Thanks for sharing this Carl. Great stuff!

    David Haines
    (215) 268-6696

    • Hi David,

      Many Thanks my friend. Massive repetition will make the Subconscious make Changes in our Lives, indeed. Btw, Big Al is correct. Have a Blessed Week 🙂

    • Hi David, Thanks so much for the kind comments. It is a pleasure to share info with folks that appreciate this type of info. Please keep in touch my friend. All the best in 2014 🙂

      Carl Ramallo

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