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Are you an MLM Opportunity Seeker? Do you have the right attitude for your network marketing business.What if you sponsored someone who earned you $1,000 a month for ten years? That’s a $120,000 payday!

Now, not every prospect is going to pay off with massive bonus checks. Many prospects won’t even join your program. However, a few prospective MLM Opportunity Seekers, will join your program, and could make you rich beyond your wildest imagination? Or will they?
The challenge is . . . you don’t know which prospects will produce the big bonus override. That’s why it pays to not pre-judge prospects. Instead, give every prospect a fair chance to see the benefits of our wonderful business. I shared the following with their prospects:

“My friend is going to college for five years to become a professional. At the end of those five years, he graduates. Then he will start his career by looking for a job.

‘Another friend is building his network marketing business for five years. At the end of those five years, instead of starting a career, he will retire.”

Almost anybody, if they really put their mind to it could build a network marketing business to replace their income in about two years.

If they’re more talented, they could probably build a bigger income. If they’re less talented, then maybe a smaller income.
I’m not saying once they replace their income they should quit their jobs or careers. I actually discourage it. So if you are going to be an MLM Opportunity Seeker you must mold yourself to become a network marketing leader in training and think of this building period as a learning period. It’s like going to school. But, instead of paying tuition, you can earn some money while you learn.Once you complete the groundwork and foundation, the money formula changes drastically.

Now, you are getting paid bonuses every month, even if you don’t work hard or when you take a vacation.
So, in the beginning you do a lot of work that you don’t get paid for, but in the end you get a lot of pay for when you don’t work. MLM works if you do. To find out how I get Leads for my business, Watch the Video Below to see what I am talking about. Thanks.


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