How to Turn Sales Prospects into Partners

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How to Turn Sales Prospects into Partners. You’ve accomplished the initial phase of joining a Network Marketing company, and now you’re ready to see the money flowing in, right?

Finding customers and partners are the lifeline of your business.  Despite the inspiring team meetings and conference calls, the awe-inspiring speakers and the encouragement for you to dream big, without customers and sales, you have nothing!

In order to become a Master at making sales, you must learn the simple techniques to building a rapport with potential customers and partners, finding out how you can meet their needs and following up with them to seal the deal.   Below, I will share with you this simple 3-step process that will turn you into a Sales Producing Maven.

1. Get your prospects to chase you.

The first thing you need to do is to get the prospects to chase you and not the other way around. How? By finding the niche that the product or service you offer caters to, and pursue that target market.

Do you think you can sell meat to vegetarians?

Absolutely Not!

No matter how many times you try to convince a vegetarian about how tender your steak is, they won’t buy it and have no interest in what you have to say about it.

All you’ll ever get is rejection because you’re targeting the wrong people.

The solution however, is to find the right people who want what it is that you have to offer, and begin marketing to them to share how you have the solutions to their problems.

In the world of Network Marketing, you are looking for people who are entrepreneurial and are open to the industry. The goal is to attract people who are seeking ways to change their circumstances, and is committed to getting paid what they are worth.

Look for people that are interested in owning their own business.  The more you can focus on people who want what it is that you have to offer rather than chasing after people who have no interest at all, you’ll begin to see your numbers and growth increase.

2. Build a relationship with your prospects and earn their trust.

In network marketing, building trust with your prospective leads is the key to success. Remember, you are in the business of building relationships and impacting lives so pursue each opportunity as such.

People love to buy but they hate to be sold, and if your prospects feel as if you’re trying to sell them on something for your personal benefit, you will lose their trust and any potential of doing business together.

Be empathetic towards their problems by being a “good listener” and let them know that you are here to help. Provide them with the best support that you can give. You may be surprised at the overwhelming leads and referrals you can generate as an outcome of you putting your prospects first.

3. Follow-up

Most of your prospective leads are more than eager to join the business, but they don’t know how and where to start. That’s where you come in. Follow up with them by sending them an email, calling them over the phone, or by paying them a visit to their home and get them started “TODAY”.

Once you’ve gotten them signed up into the business, teach them the ropes by explaining how the business can benefit them and how they can help others by sharing it with them.  Immediately get them plugged in to your team calls and systems, so that they can see the high level of support and resources they have to build a thriving business.

Keep in mind that this is a people business, and as Network Marketing trainer Randy Gage has said many times before:

“You don’t grow your network, You grow your people – and they grow your group!”


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