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Mastering your Social Media Strategy for Massive Results

Woman pulling her hair outMastering your Social Media Strategy for Massive Results. Sure, the time goes pretty fast in our lives and time is equal to money. Some people say they have the talent, however, no time for marketing. So how can you get a plan of action together to move forward? Here are some tips that I really think will help you nail the bottom line.

  • Time Management– Social Media Time Management, is of utmost importance, so you need to create a schedule for yourself no matter what you are thinking in your head, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference. There are some great tools out there to help you design a proper time frame to push forward your marketing efforts in social media. One of the best things that I could suggest to you, is figuring out where your niche audiences are and on what platform. Then you want to pick the day and time to Market towards them. Utilizing tools such as to help you get organized.

Using the proper tools – From   to , there are a myriad of tools that you could utilize to begin your marketing efforts.

  • What’s your strategy? – Of course not every strategy will benefit your business and social media goals, however you must try to find a few ways that It could fit into your daily / weekly plan. If you’re looking to do something like growing an email list then you might want to do something like implementing Twitter lead generation cards to capture email subscription addresses.
  • Need content ideas? – Look into things like , a very nice service that can supply you with virtually endless amount of topics for your social media content.

Education and experience is key in social media marketing, and as you build up an awareness of what you actually want to accomplish direction wise, then you will know which content to put out there on a weekly basis.

Planning your Content– As you get more and more organized with what content you would like to deliver to your target audience, you might want to check into a neat tool called Pocket. Just go to  and literally you can save topics that you choose, not only to your browser, but also to your Twitter apps and much more.

Again, with whatever time that you have planned out for yourself, use your resources wisely and spend your time and effort on the platforms that are relevant to your audience for best results. Use analytics, when possible to determine how things are going.

  • Providing Value– one of the best things that you could do, is think as if you were a prospect who has a problem that needs to be solved. What information could you post on a particular platform that you favor, that will assist them in doing so? You must know who they are and focus on the efforts to help them reach their goals as well.

If targeting a B2B company. Perhaps you might consider something like Instagram or Pinterest. Visual is where it’s at in social media and is growing more all the time.

  • Create processes for your content creation to post.
  • Monday, you want to post something about the service that you offer.
  • Tuesday.. perhaps a brief question-and-answer session via a chat.
  • Wednesday… post an article that you have found of interest to your target audience at one of the aforementioned services & ask a question to your target audience; “I found this article to be quite interesting and helpful, who agrees”? and so forth. I think you get the idea.
  • Social Media Calendar– eg: Use a Calendar like the below one, that you can create on Excel, to keep track of what you would like to post.

Another way to save more time in your social media marketing efforts, is to optimize each favored platform and decide which are the best times to post for each.

Facebook– The times may change in the future, however, generally between 1 and 3 PM  in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday, are great times to post. If you are targeting Women, in their 30-40’s let’s say, this is a great place to be.

Peter Drucker, once said that, ” if you cannot manage time, then you will not be able to manage anything”. So remember, posting content across social media platforms will not work properly without a strategy. So time management and posting during peak hours of the day is your mission to reach your target audience.

Twitter– No surprise that the best days to tweet from a B2B standpoint, would be Monday through Friday around 5pm, this is a peak time that will get you the highest level of retweets. Consumers generally will  research Brands more during the weekend . And B2C, on Saturdays and Sundays.

LinkedIn– It’s great for networking and business exposure. Very popular with human resource professionals as well. Typically the best days to post there are Tuesday through Thursday, during business hours.

Pinterest– If you have visuals that you would like to Pin (products, etc.) , then Saturday between noon to 4 p.m. and then at night from 8-11 p.m.

Instagram– Arguably, this site is somewhat mixed with popular times to post. Most companies will post photographs during business hours however, posting during later hours in the day is popular as well, for consumers.  is a neat tool to save you time and schedule posts on IG.

Google + – Not the greatest, however Wednesday’s seems to be a great time for myself and a lot of other people to get engagement. Also, mid to late morning.

Automation- Obviously using the right tools will make a big difference and how much time it will take you to manage your marketing every day. Tools such as  will enable you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram. How about them apples?!?!
The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, have determined that the biggest challenge facing B2B marketers when creating content, was producing it and doing so consistently. So to assist, use some of the below tools.

Content Creation Tools-
Will assist you in solving some of the above headaches as well.  


Last but not least,  in your quest toward Mastering your Social Media Strategy- check out;

Check out

It is a fantastic social media dashboard that has analytics and data all in one place so you can manage it all from one account. My recommendation is to take 2 or 3 platforms that you would like to dominate and just focus on those.
I’m a believer that you need to find a balance between original and curated content as well. Take the time to also pass along valuable content to your audience, from any resource that you find useful. This is actually quite valuable, because it lets you leverage good content out there for your brand and also it can get you more exposure as well.

The initial investment on your time, will create a solid template for you to utilize weekly and monthly.  By utilizing some of the above-mentioned tools, you will quickly notice a significant difference on what you share in the social media community, and especially the time that you have saved in doing so. This will feel like a science project for some people, however, when you figure out all the kinks, eventually, you will find your style and work around the clock more effectively.

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