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How to have brand success in Social Media?

brand strategyHow to have brand success in Social Media? It’s no surprise that many people believe that a good social media strategy is a key for their promotional success. You need to uncover a different strategy online to help you meet your audience and where they are in that mindset. Do they need what you’re promoting? Are you catering to their needs? There is no magic formula and only practical engagement will lead you to success in having your brand succeed in Social Media.There are some important lessons that you need to consider about social media and also a few things on how to avoid some common mistakes that will keep your brand from succeeding on social media.

* Produce targeted content

Take a moment or two to really think about what you were trying to market for your attendance.  Think of several topics that you would like to post on. day in and day out on a regular basis and identify and begin to post content around a perceived interest that they may have. I want you to think about that for a second, because that is what something like Pinterest, which is a popular social media platform, is filled with literally meaningless boards run by brands themselves and advertising agencies and such if it was so simple, the brands themselves would do it. Remember, to only be in a promotion phase a 1/4 of the time. while the remainder of your time is trying to deliver something of value to the audience you want to connect with.

* Stop Bragging

I am seeing way too much of this. For one reason or another, some people that I am a fan of, simply cannot stop Tooting their own horn because they know that they are well known and the social media marketing arena. The bottom line, is unless you are determined in some shape or form toward looking to change somebody else’s mindset, by who you are in regards to your brand, don’t spend a lot of time on social media bragging about how wonderful your brand is. It will definitely be a turnoff for those who possibly be looking to do business with you.

* Be consistent in your marketing.

Without getting into the overkill market. You want to at least be regular enough with your audience to keep your brand name on their brain. Use a social media platform, that you are most fond of, to schedule any post that you like to put out there. If you want to schedule some posts than you will have to get a tool for doing so, that’s fine as well.

If you take a look at a high end brands such as a company like Tiffany and Co.,  they always are very consistent in their posts. The company uses a signature true blue color in all of its press releases, which is going to reinforce that brand identity, so keep that in mind when you are trying to promote your brand. What is it that people are going to anchor a thought to who you are in the market place. 

What 3 things do you want to focus on to bring the maximum ROI, while building your online presence?

* Engage with your audience.

Social media is all about people talking to people. The next time you post something out there, keep track of how much interaction you will receive from the content that you posted. It will help you identify what your next social media strategy might be. Don’t be in such a rush because this will take time to work out for your brand, have patience. Ross Hoffman, who is the senior director of Twitter’s global brand strategy team will tell you first hand, that engagement, is the key that could in turn further grow your audience. The most important thing is to never fall back in doing this, and show how much you care.

*Hashtag Overkill

Please, do not over do it here. You want to avoid that mistake of using it to describe every product or service that your offer and put a hash tag on it… 2 maybe 3 is the Max, that is more than sufficient. Eg. Assuming if you’re a Pizzeria #FreePizzaFriday, with every large pizza that you buy. this will give you an example on how to grab attention on something like Twitter.

* Blogging

Do You? Well you should, the SEO benefits will help you in the long run tremendously. Your social media branding strategies will be tied into your blog and performance overall. So if you generate timely, regular ongoing posts that will speak to your potential audience, that is going to make a huge difference in your brand awareness.

* Know where your audience hangs out.

If you are trying to reach a large female audience, well. Facebook is where you should be spending your time, over 60% of them hang out there. Twitter, is great for an instant response, however, the average person on there is approximately 30 years old and female as well. Over 80% of female audience, on Pinterest. If your product or service is more of a business to business type of marketing project, then LinkedIn would be a great choice for you.

* Build a solid relationship with alternative Social Media marketing strategies.

As I mentioned earlier, if you have a blog. Make sure that people could sign up to an email list and encourage any followers / visitors on social media to subscribe for maximum exposure.
Incorporate a good autoresponder, where you can plug in custom letters that you will write about your products / services to entice them to do business with you.

* Create an in-depth guide for your product or brand.

People really love How to type of stuff. So if you could provide an understandable way, that not only people will read it but keep on going back to it for further review, in whichever industry or product you were trying to promote… That can be a great engagement tool in your social media strategy.

Like everything else in life, social media marketing and branding strategies will vary from company to company. This is not an overnight thing in any shape or form. Make sure you have the patience to go through what it takes to become successful in building your brand and not feeling in your brand marketing efforts. have fun with it. After all if you’re not having fun you will never love what you are doing.

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