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Awesome Tips for Social Media Marketers


Awesome Tips for Social Media Marketers.

There are many way to use different platforms in Social Media to build your business/brand. However, where does on start? I have some really smart friends, who are not really marketers so my goal is to help you get moving in the right direction. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, well imagine a video. Check out

Facebook Get a fan page and do not use your personal page to market your business. As you set up that page, Twitter can be included in the regular setting. Remember to post at 3 intervals of your day for any message you must want your prospects to see. If you have a product you are launching, ask people for their imput. You will then get an idea on maybe what they are looking for. wink…wink! If you can take a pic of an item, Download   on your cell phone and post it right up on FB. Make sure you put “ Call to Action” tab, on your page.

Create a FB Group. This will encourage fans, to express their particular views on your posts. This will help you build a brand image. If you want to promote an Event, then set one up via profiles/pages. For your profile page make sure you get a nice pic that will represent you. Perhaps create a Contest and the Winner can receive a product from you.

Remember, to ask your audience to click & like your posts. Schedule your posts typically when you plan on not being online. It’s a good time management tip. Enable your users to tag your FB page in their photos to help organically grow your page. Context, is the king in Social Media, so when you write material, the longer the better. A great tool to measure shares & content is Buzzsumo.


One of the 1st things to consider is to “refresh” your profile every quarter. You can play around with adding new keyword phrases, and see how the visits jump up or down. If you get a decent number of views chances are these people may click on a Web Link (if you have one), to learn more about you and your brand. Don’t prejudge, people on LinkedIn, are of influence and professional, go connect with folks even outside of your niche. You never know who they may know. It’s all about networking and being social.

LinkedIn, is great because you can build your personal brand, as you perhaps answer peeps questions. The best tip I can share with you is to write content that people will find irresistible to share. Do it on regular basis so your name stays fresh on their mind. As you create your Content Marketing material, come up with a creative headline that will make them want to click on that link and read further.

Make sure you have Share buttons on your blog etc. So others can help share your material. An often overlooked and key marketing tip, is to comment on blogs of peeps in your niche.

Invite groups within your industry of interest, to connect with you. They allow you to join up to 50, go and join a few and keep participating and sharing solid content marketing tips.Also, go to the Notifications Tab to see who has been looking you over. You might want to knock on that door first. Link any social channels you have to generate referral traffic. Don’t forget they offer targeted advertising as well. I always make it a point to Endorse my connections Skills. They will in turn to reciprocate with you. Tag people with the “@” sign just like you do in Google +, Twitter. Last but not least use nice graphics if you can with your post to grab attention for your brand marketing.


Google Plus

First, make an Eye Catching Bio, to market your yourself. Get a great photo with a Link to any Blog/Website, that you may have. Including any Social Profiles as well. Promote the page and look to get a Google Badge.

Go to To learn more on going after that Target Audience.

Include photos about your product/service that will provide strong facts about what you are looking to promote. Put the word out there and engage with your audience.

Create a Hangout & Join some as well. Just Push the “Start a Hangout” button on the right side of your Google Profile. When making a post make sure you use to +Mari Smith Use the “+” sign in front of their name.. A mention, can get you shared as well. Remember, to always use cool looking photos on Goggle + too.

Create Circles: Send messages to a group of people. Make them feel special. People like to be a part of something-like an event. I always make my posts “Public”. You want that exposure. Key tip, is to comment of similar post niches, and share, and last but not least. Hit the + button!

Best a master of the # here too. When you post, include tags like #postoftheday, etc.



The U.S.A, Brazil and Japan have the most users, however, this is becoming 1 HOT Spot to post pics and grab some Social Media attention fast. While I am not a Selfie person, it is very popular here. The most followed name is Instagram itself so, follow it. At the end of 2014, over 60 Billion photos were uploaded on there-WOW!

Some of the the most popular hashtags are #instagood #love, #beautiful, #cute, #me, #igers #tbt and there are others, which change from time to time.

Probably my BEST TIPS here are to add text and # to all posts. You can now do a short Vid on there as well. If you are not too shy-go for it. The demographic is on the younger side, but growing all the time. Don’t sell, tell a story. Post shot that tell it for you and your brand. Post the links to other networks if you can. I mainly just use the cell, but it is a solid tip to broaden your social media marketing.   is a neat site that will help you Analyze your Social Media Impact and connect with brands and NEW followers. Now who would NOT want that?!?! I never worry about gaining influencer marketers here, after all that would be Justin Bieber who sits on the TOP Spot, and I am not a fan lol. Nothing personal, more of a Rocker here!

Connect your account to Facebook. This will alert others to follow you there as well. I make it a point to reciprocate as much as possible.

Like that Lil’ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Small_heart

Ask for your followers thoughts and have them share their comments on your posts. Ask questions always, people love to give their opinion-sometimes Geotag, your posts, if you want to get attention of someone in a target market. Last but not least, consider running a contest if you have a small business.

We live in this crazy new world of social media, and it’s not surprising that for people that spend 3 + hours a day on line on social media network activities, you need some tips on using this exciting platform.

Twitter, is no slouch in the Social Media Arena.. There are approximately 284 million active Twitter uses around the globe. 46% of Twitter users use Twitter at least 1 time a day. In the United States alone there are approximately 53 million people that use Twitter.

So that being said, Twitter is considered one of the monsters a social media and it should be taken very seriously. So what I’m going to do is give you some tips on how to be a better user for social marketing on Twitter.

First, one thing you gotta’ realize is that we are limited to a little mini, 140 character space to make a post. That’s not that much, and some people are intimidated by it. Here are some of the best recommendations, I could give you right off the bat.

There are some cool tools to use with it, one of which I like is:

Basically, it is a Social Analytics tool to help to marketing yourself better with Twitter. It let’s you decide and figure out, who you want to unfollow & follow on Twitter. This neat site gather’s up all the profile info it can on it’s users, and creates a profile to for them based on different criteria such as: major followers for them, patterns of their postings, pics, when you checked in on Twitter to name a few items.

When you search on top of Twtrland, you will see how many tweets you had per day, and it will show you stats on each set of 100 tweets. One neat feature I like is with ones profile you can find out cool things, such as: How many Twitter influencers are tweeting from a certain geographic area. I area that I think is important for you to know is that, you can see who might be following you and your business- if you have one. This 3rd Party Tool will help you analyze who you would like to follow based on their fancy profile that is displayed. Getting your tweets broken into groups is helpful sue to see who is tweeting you, engaging in convos, and more. Just remember to manually refresh the account on a regular basis.

If you are a Marketer, Twitter offers organic analytics to verified users, where you can now track your overall daily impressions. Seeing what is going on with your tweets, based on the time that you have posted them, is important, so you know when and where you need to focus your marketing efforts.

A neat thing to do on Twitter is to create List of a Topic in your niche, and add other people to it. You can choose to have it go Public or Private. Just remember to notify those who you have added to the list.

For the Analytics portion of Twitter Social Media status of your account, check out:

It will show you detailed info on how all your outgoing tweets are performing and more.

Use Tools like Hootsuite and BufferApp to keep you and your conversations flowing.

Buzzsumo will show you the most popular posts, which are measured by social shares on any specific topic of your choice.

Host a #TwitterChat

Before I get into some neat Twitter Tips, I just want to help you get started the beginning Use a nice photo of yourself as your avatar, when setting up your Twitter account. That’s the first impression people will get of you, so be selective, and choose the key words that people you want to meet will type on the top right hand side search bar. If you are a Blogger, or if you’re a model whatever it is, just make sure you put those tagged words in there so
people could find you.
If you have a blog, website you want to link that URL to your bio. I know one of the things that people like to do on Twitter is ultimate tweets, I’m not a huge fan of that. I know time management sometimes is crucial but you know people will know when you’re automating something, and you’re not doing it live. So you might miss out on a great convo.


  • Use a link shortener like, to shorten a URL. It’ll definitely help you out when you’re making the post & save you some spaces.
  • Another thing that I recommend is to ReTweet people as much as possible. It is probably one of the best courtesies that you could give somebody on Twitter, and then of course when you do, use the @ sign in front of their name and post it yourself and give them credit for the post. And then turn hopefully they will follow you thank you and you could start engaging in a conversation. That is one of the main things you want to do in social media, because that’s what it’s all about- it’s all about making that connection and getting to know the people and your followers as best as possible.
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so even though I love to share quotes, and I think it’s great you should incorporate that into your twitter feed. But I would recommend, to share photos with everyone you know whether it’s breaking news on a fave or trending topic, perhaps a niche that you are trying to promote here on Twitter. If you’re a PC Technology Marketer or whatever it is that you’re into, quote things that are within your industry so people get a chance to know you for such. Also, post facts/stats.

I really want you to think about what your mission is when using Twitter? Some people just get on there just to kill time and that’s fine, if that’s what you want to do great. Other people get on there to build a brand for themselves or maybe to help I generate leads to their cell phone and so forth. So when you decide what you want to do, outline your purpose and decide on who to follow as well, and then that’ll help you create the type of the information that you want to share on Twitter.

  • Get real hip on learning some lingo for Twitter like a RT means ReTweet.
    #tt is for what topics are trending.


  • Finding followers – on the top right hand side of twitter there is a search bar. Type in any interested or niche market terms that you are looking for, and hit Search. I read people’s BIOS and see if I would like to follow them. Feel free to send them a “HELLO” message and say “I’m interested in learning more about you and decided to send a message…. whatever you want to write on there.

I always seek to provide a valuable tweet for people on Twitter, & I think you should do the same. You should use proper etiquette, and find a happy balance between business & something fun, something you saw that is interesting, such as a news post you just read. Post it on Twitter, make them know you’re alive- that you’re a human being, and that you are not automating your posts. When you find that people that are interested in some of the things that you are into, just make a point of trying to follow each other.
*ReTweets, are big in Twitter. Always make sure that you leave a little extra space to get ReTweeted.

* Let me tell you about, Follow Friday, Twitter hashtag #FF , put the @ sign and people’s names, like @ CarlRamallo @Joe_Smith @MaryJones…get the idea?  If you want to put something fun on a Friday post for people & get them some movement for you on twitter.

* Hashtags # generally helps organize information and makes your tweets a little more search friendly, so you could use comment search hashtags, to see what people are talking about on any particular day. One thing that I was find fascinating is that about a 1/4 of all the information on Twitter posts, have been linked to another piece of social content, so I know whether it’s a video or story like I mentioned earlier, so take that into consideration when you’re making some of your posts.

*If you have a product or service? Leaving a tip when sharing valuable information for folks, is a great idea. It will not go unnoticed. And they will appreciate it very much. I believe so many people do not consider this, so I usually send out one tweet that I really want to get noticed in the morning, once the mid afternoon and once in the evening The main reason is because you want to cover people from different parts of the world and get that readership in.
*Here’s another twitter tip, I find information and news about Twitter and tweet it

*I found some of the very best conversations that I’ve engaged with online on Twitter came from people that I had a few thousand followers or less. Because they’re anxious to connect with somebody, and if you’re looking to get a heavy influencer on Twitter that has a Klout score of 80 +, chances are they might not have too much time to engage with you. Everybody is seeking attention from them. Check out

If you are more serious on twitter analytics helps measure your online influence in the Social Media arena. It is a nice tool that is free, and you can schedule content, and measure your twitter performance. An awesome tool for Social Media Marketers.

So being that you got about a half a million tweets out there sent today, go get moving. By the way, a lot of those accounts are generally outside of the United States, and over 75 % of all Twitter users are using their mobile phone- so tweet away have fun in until next time.

If you liked this article and felt that it gave you value? If so, would you be so kind to leave a comment and share via Social Media. I really Thank You for your time and consideration!


Enjoy Life & Live the way you’ve always Dreamed of!!!

Create a Great Day,

Carl Ramallo, Success Coach

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