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35 Tips & Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media To Build Your Brand

Brand Awareness35 Tips & Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media To Build Your Brand. First off, I think people need to take full advantage of the benefits, that  it will bring to you and your brand when doing so. Whether you are a small business, in Coconut Creek, Florida or a major brand like, Royal Dutch Airlines, gaining the power of your audience is of utmost importance. “How you interact with people is going to determine a tremendous factor of your success “, in the social media world that we live in.

There is a huge difference between gaining a committed long-term customer in using the product or service , than it is being the best blogger out there that knows how to advertise, use analytics, metrics, Etc to reach an audience. Those technical items are part of the deal, however,  human interaction is where it’s at. That is King. The content is the queen ultimately. You could be the most brilliant writer out there, yet you suck at human relations. I see this all the time on the web. While this might sound a little bit controversial – good.

The fact is, there are people out there that I’ve spoken to that have the personality of a brick. However, they’re good at utilizing computer technology. I’d rather do business with somebody that I know well, engage with constantly, have something in common with-trust.

To me it is not so much being the number one marketed social media guru on the web. However my heart, passion, and sincere caring for the results that you would get utilizing a service that I may provide you, will speak for itself. As your social media journey begins, these are some of the things that I feel should be the foundation of how you should become an integral part of it.

  1.  Always respond quickly and give feedback to your prospective audience or current clients on your product or service.
  2.  Whether you want to become a brand advocate, or just want to improve your reach in the marketplace. Learn how to access all platforms, to advertise yourself online.
  3.  Become a part of a group, or Community online – including local and Regional.
  4.  Quick  tip, go to “advanced search” function on Twitter, and type in your location, and start locally.
  5.  Twitter, at 1 p.m. is typically when most retweets happen , (currently as for the date that I write this post).
  6.  On Pinterest, Saturday is generally the best day to post anything approximately around 9 p.m.
  7.  If you like Insragram, you can Rock It, on Mondays, especially,  from 3 o’clock in the afternoon just about every day.
  8.  Branding, you must clearly create a recognizable identity for yourself.
  9.  If you sell widgets, then you must establish yourself as an expert in the field of widgets. So use forums and answer any questions that you can, with your audience.
  10. Learn how to become more personable. Like I said earlier, some people out there are great technically, yet suck as far as engaging on a human level. We cannot all be Masters at everything. However, in this sometimes.. cold world of social media, you better learn to develop those skills.
  11. Integrate social networking to create big time traffic on-site like digg and Reddit.
  12.  Any company that is more accessible, will become more of a trustworthy source. So be that social media brand.
  13.  Incorporate the strategy of allowing your customers and potential clients to give suggestions on their likes and dislikes of any of your products or services.
  14. Social networking is one of the fastest-growing Industries on the planet, so you definitely need to take the time towards investing in social media.
  15. Over 78% of small businesses use social media, are you one of them? Start putting the word out there immediately.
  16.  All social media marketing will further validate your brand
  17.  Look for where your audience hangs out, and try to be more relevant than your competition.
  18.  At least several times a day in the morning mid-afternoon, and evenings to help improve engagement on your brand.
  19. Look into doing some advertising. It’s been shown that paid advertisements can help you reach a larger targeted audience.
  20.  Try to be authentic, and let that side of your brand show. This is why you should be on social media,right?
  21. Learn how to use visual content. This is becoming the future of social media as we know it. A Video will average more than 60% engagement than any photograph will.
  22.  Use a content calendar to help plan for any specials or events that you may be having.
  23.  Learn how to host a free chat or webinar will you could discuss the value of your products and/or services.
  24. Organize social metrics;  with any of your posts and your promotions. Rapid engagement that would lead to increased traffic and conversion for you and your brand.
  25.  Facebook, now offers live broadcasts. This is a strategy that you should explore now.
  26.  Use Medium, as part of  your social media strategy.
  27.  Instagram, make sure that when you post photos, ask people to tag their friends in your posts.
  28.  Learn how to promote your product or service in under 20 seconds.
  29. eCommerce, has mentioned that sales will increase on social media to over $4.4 trillion dollars by 2021. Can I give you a better reason of why you need to be a part of social media?
  30.  Learn to be conversational and not so much promotional.
  31. Consider mobile advertising and promotion. By the end of 2019, over 5 billion people on the planet will have mobile devices. 89% search while using their smartphone.
  32.  Install a “buy” button on your site.
  33.  Consider Vlogging
  34.  Build Brand Awareness
  35.  Provide Social Proof

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