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Master The Habit Named, Certainty

Master The Habit Named, Certainty. The #1 thing that keeps people from getting what they want is that they are sabotaging themselves. Everything we are doing in our lives is because we are doing things to avoid pain more than gain pleasure. I need to remind those out there that having certainty to move forward toward building that road they are looking for that will take them to their dream lifestyle. There is a direct connection mentally to how quickly take action on an idea and likely it is that you never take any action at all. You must make it a habit to take action on a new idea.

80% of success is logical and the other 20% is technical.

   Learn what your recipe for mental success for yourself. The cause and effect habit is going to take shape in your attitude mentally towards everything you do. Give it your all when you are going for what you want to get out of life with certainty, and it will give the best back to you. I always recommend also, to learn from others that you admire that has the life you may want and emulate them. There will then be a spark that lights up inside you that will allow you to shine in more ways than you can imagine possible. You have to set yourself up to the process to win the game. Having meaning in your life is something that you will determine what shapes and control your life. It will assist in shaping your destiny and will expand in your greatness, when you challenge it.


Focus on what’s guiding you; your past, or a sense of purpose?


If you get enough emotional certainty built up in your mind, you will be on the right track to give your all and apply all that is inside you and let it shine for the world to see.  Do not take any shortcuts in going for your dreams, no short term fixes here. You want to leave that legacy based on what you produce in your actions.  What you focus on you are going to feel, this will catapult your daily actions, this will make a profound change in your life.   There are certain habits and patterns in our lives that make everything that we do a priority, and then it also shows how people put things off. Many people generally will rationalize why they’re doing it and that also leads to why people procrastinate. Perhaps the most wonderful result of developing high levels of self-confidence is the positive impact that your personality will have on your relationships. We all have the same human needs, and our nervous system works the same way.

You need to get the certainty to make your mind do the things you are asking it to do.


Again please remember, 80% of your success will be due to your psychology, so make sure you get the skills to get the particulars of your target goals. Until now, are you satisfied with who you have become? Well, perhaps you need to stop selling yourself on the story you are pounding into your head, about who you are and why you have or even do not have the things you want in life.  Do not let the world change your focus at any time, because it wants you to remain the same.

 Create your identity and transform yourself with daily, weekly, monthly rituals and build on those habits. There are intellectual factors that you must learn to develop within your self consciousness. Any positive vibrations that you have on a conscious level is the feeling you must discover during your paradigm shift. You can change your paradigm, however, it does take conscious awareness. Your desire will let all your positive mental energy flow. Most of your behavior is habitual, so make sure you have solid life altering habits, this will help you take the proper perception towards change.  Isolate what you think about and want in your life.


Do not get into the habit of being mentally one dimensional, because that might have been how your past have had held you back.  Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Your habits are subconsciously controlled, and this should serve you want to daily basis no matter what you do. Believe me when I tell you that your subconscious wants you to transpose any of your affirmations into action. If you have a belief that is so profound mixed with faith and applied action then there is no reason why it will not change that attitude that you have towards it into a habit. Are you up to optimistic, are you pessimistic? If you don’t know where you going, then any road will take you there.

Always think about, what is great about a situation that you’re in, the possibilities. Never think in terms of lack, or I wish.

    Words will form your beliefs, so make sure that use ones that you’re passionate about. Your thoughts can create many miracles in your life, that’s if you allow it since you hold the key, however, you must know how to open the door to success sooner than later. I think one of the keys that many people will find on their Journey, is basically the ability to have the creative imagination develop an idea that with great attention will become a part of your conscious desires, instead of some subconscious fear. One thing for sure is that everything that you do every action that you take, the more success you will have and it will help bring forth happiness to you. You will feel more fulfilled, the joy that you feel will just keep growing and growing, you will become more confident, and eager to keep going.

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