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Social Media Is Changing Your Marketing Strategy

Live Instant MarketingSocial media is changing your marketing strategy. Like it or not it’s a fact. Technology is changing faster than ever this year and one of the hottest Trends is Video Marketing. The stage has already been set, and live instant marketing is taking over traditional content marketing and kicking its ass. It’s faster.. it’s easier, yes ,I do know some people will have a challenge doing it ,however, the trend is taking shape faster then you can drop a hat.

You heard the fact in the past, that says ~  A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how many a video will be? Statement not only remains to be true, however it is becoming the driving force of social media marketing. It is true that many different social media platforms require a diverse strategy , however, the speed of which this is working to catch someone’s attention literally in seconds is mind-blowing.

Just look at the recent success of the woman who was wearing the Chewbacca mask on YouTube and what has happened to her. T.V. Producers, are looking at online videos all the time. Get creative in your marketing, and watch the results soar. Making your interactions with people more personal and having a conversation on an informal level will make your prospect feel like you’re close friends instead of someone that just wanted to sell them and put your product or service down their throat.

Right now you have over 2 billion people on the planet that are social media marketers, and it’s growing literally every year. How you position your marketing is going to create a difference on the level of success that you have out there, while assisting you in boosting sales and building credibility online. While the Top Apps in the world are all messaging apps, some video sharing apps are breaking ground on how you can position yourself as a leader in the marketplace.

Just last year alone Facebook had literally doubled it’s daily video activities to 8 billion , that was more than YouTube had. More that 1 Billion people daily access Facebook via their mobile phone. Also, Twitter got into the video game , and then Snapchat has over 6 billion video news on a daily basis. It’s a very effective and hassle-free way of marketing.

  • Social Commerce –  There is no doubt that social media influences Shopper’s buying decisions.
  • Pinterest – Now gives us Buyable Pins.
  • Facebook– Will be testing the strategy shortly in the European market first.
  • Pay for Traffic – This will start to take major shape in the next 6 to 12 months, hints of it already happening. Just look at what Facebook decided to do, to boost visibility you would have to pay full price to reach down to all your followers. A very smart move. I could literally see Twitter and think something like that as well.

Your social media marketing style, will need to adapt.  According to Shopify, they stated that Facebook ruled the roost as a source for purchases. Over 36 + Million visits. Also, as you have recently seen Facebook, has upped the game in Video Performance Marketing. Along with the highest conversion rate, many businesses and social marketers will use it as a primary source of social media marketing.

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  • Embed Visual Links – It is totally essential for you to get into the habit of using short little Vine Clips, YouTube video clips, Snapchat links, etc. Into all your social media marketing content. You can embed a video into a blog post, and use it as a Pinterest quote. Get those creative visual marketing juices flowing.
  • Think Personal – Video has the natural ability to connect with your potential audience on a much more personal level than a blog post ever could , that includes an eBook or webinar as well.
  • Facebook Live – The World’s #1 Marketing Source, is allowing their Love for video to share with anyone what you are seeing in real time. Just tap on that update status and then select the video icon. With an easy to find “Go Live” button, you will be streaming in no time.

Image result for youtube live

It is so easy to just point , shoot your video and post on YouTube. They will use their powerful advertising network, to bring about more video for hosting and monetization.

“Social media is changing your marketing strategy and instant content is going to become a lot more prevalent in the future.” That is where the video and visual content comes into play as far as your strategy is concerned. This is why this powerful and quick form of marketing is taking over traditional written content marketing.

Yep, we are moving into a world of real time engagement. And the only way to do that is by utilizing technology that has been made available to us. As you build a solid rapport with your audience, the better your ROI will be. Remember, Facebook has 360 Ads, as does YouTube. More and more platforms are continuing to go this route of marketing.

  • Mobile Traffic– It makes sense now, that these apps are becoming easier to use and more popular. Statistics show that Mobile Traffic totally overtakes Desktop Traffic in many countries including the United States and Japan. Most social media users mobile devices have become the primary source of their marketing. Over 80% of Internet users, are utilizing this source. By 2020, 75% of Global Mobile Traffic will be on video.

I truly believe that social media is moving towards this live interaction between businesses and consumers, therefore they will most likely become a potential advocate of a brand. Consumers really need to feel and see the side of brands on a human level. That is going to be the one way to strengthen the connection between the two.

Ultimately, in a good way,  it is going to be the best way towards getting into a live dialogue, to resolve issues as they may arise. Engagement is key, I have always stressed that – however, many customers online would love to see a response back and 60 Minutes or Less, this strategy will enable you to do it a lot sooner than that. Social media marketers will definitely need to show the human side, to get the most out of their social media marketing campaigns. I think mobile users will be able to adapt quickly with that in mind  and open up a whole new arena in their marketing strategy.

  • Branding– A short video of 1 – 4 minutes will tell the story of your business. You can provide some visual pictures with stats that further explained what you were trying to get across to your audience.


  •  Social Messaging– With the emergence What’s App, Viber, Line  & Facebook Messenger alone, just to name a few. Millions of users will take advantage this form of marketing. You could include any visual/video links within these platforms.

Remember, people love to put a face with a name and any social videos or visual content that you produce is a great way to show your personality and let folks get a glimpse of Who You Are.

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