MLM Opportunity Seekers

Are you an MLM Opportunity Seeker? Do you have the right attitude for your network marketing business.What if you sponsored someone who earned you $1,000 a month for ten years? That's a $120,000 payday! Now, not every prospect is going to pay off with massive bonus checks. Many prospects won't even join your program. However, a few prospective MLM Opportunity Seekers, will join your program, and could make you rich beyond your wildest imagination? Or will they? The challenge is . . . … [Read more...]

What makes a Good Network Marketing Leader.

What makes a good network marketing leader? For starters, leaders don't wait for other people to give them permission to do something. They just do it. Leaders accept responsibility for the choices they make in life. They don't get sucked into the "victim mentality" syndrome, which is characterized by a persistent desire for people to blame others for their poor choices. Bottom line: Leaders realize that the decisions they make are all theirs, and thus take full responsibility for any resulting … [Read more...]

Network Marketing: Facts and Fallacies

Over the years, misconceptions about network marketing have mounted dramatically. These false presumptions have been passed on from one inexperienced network marketer to the other, all the more adding misguided information. So how are these incorrect notions different from the truth? To address these challenges, I wanted to answer a few common questions that many people have regarding the industry, giving you valid insight into whether it’s fact or fiction.  And share how you can address … [Read more...]