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Need Solid Social Media Content Ideas? Start Here.

social media content ideasNeed Solid Social Media Content Ideas? Start here. There is a certain strategy we must take upon ourselves when trying to come up with good, valuable content to post out in the social media world. The challenge, sometimes getting ideas on how to do so, especially if you get a little bit of writer’s block. Have no fear, some of what I am about to share with you, will definitely help you out, and get those creative juices flowing.

  • Let’s start with
    This is a really cool site that will enable you to search for Content using keywords. It takes a lot of the guesswork popular content based on the actual shares that it has been given. Always keep in mind that wherever you see a particular piece of content that is performing well, it might not necessarily be on a platform that you spend a lot of time on – so keep that in mind.
  • Have you heard of – Well, maybe it’s time you should. Over 150,000 marketers in the know, already use this to help grow and research / share content.
  • Social media is composed of many people who have small businesses. If you are a marketer and you need to share any new news with tips towards others and marketing and social media technology and so forth. Go check out
  • Have you met yet?  This very cool platform allows you to add updates to your library that you will create and then Edgar, creates a posting schedule and then it just goes to work to create a queue. It even refills itself automatically. This site could actually help clip many hours off your weekly schedule.

One of the things that I might want to bring to your attention, is also sharing content of others and giving credit where it’s due to the author as well…. simplified, any of your social media content that you put out there as well. Hey, we are all here to help each other out.

  • Visit – This site will not only help you publish content on your website, but also assist you in reaching new prospects. The content you post also help draw a user to begin blogging on that platform as well. You just might become the influence to that individual.

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas about creating some new content for yourself. Consider where you might want to determine your ideal content type and mix. Perhaps you might want to use some promotional, inspirational stories. Maybe generate some content via a contest, that would involve giving away incentives for people to share one of your products or videos.

The key is to basically create content of all different types, that will attract the attention of your targeted audience. I always like to create contact that has some educational purpose in it. Studies do show that those types of posts get 38% of Engagement. Source: Rignite.

  • Write about a social media event that is coming up, and share it with other influencers.
  • Perhaps you can right an article and share a case study on a social media. topic that you find interesting.
  • Share a picture of a recent event that you went to and write about it.

Look online on different platforms to see what is trending period and explore any particular topic segment that you are interested in and start writing about it. Always stick to topics that are relevant to your industry. I’ve written about this in previous articles about that I will definitely mention to you that one of the most overlooked sources for content is UGC, which stands for user-generated content. It’s basically free content from your customers or audience that you can create a new social media posts from.

  • Don’t forget to use  You can use this to share topics or find ways to come up with industry ideas and write a new blog post.

  • A neat site for ideas is

There are a bunch of good ideas for content social media and marketing.


  • Last but not least, check out


“I believe when you create contact 80% of it should be content that we think your audience will be interested in or that they can relate to. 20% of the postings will only be related to promoting any products or services that you have.”  With this strategy you can never go wrong.

  • Visit News and industry-specific websites – Technology is constantly changing, and you can find plenty of ideas to write about. Since social media and technology blend together perfectly.

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