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Learn your KPI’ s for Social Media, it’s as easy as A-B-C.

carlkpiLearn your KPI’ s for Social Media, it’s as easy as A-B-C.
There are a lot of mysteries in the world of social media, and one of them is your key performance indicators. And there’s many things that you could learn about them to help improve your social media efforts. Some of the things that you should consider is to channel along some metrics to see if you were going in the right direction or not.

Basically, you social media metrics should have a format that will help you determine how well any of your social networking campaigns are doing. This  Kpi dashboard will help you determine the amount of Engagement or perhaps the shares that you are receiving which is crucial on your social media Networks. The key is how do you track and convert the visitors once they go to your blog or website.

There are several things to consider as far as you measuring your Kpi’s that is the output of what you are posting in any social media platforms . A very important thing to consider is the interaction and perhaps even an interest in your brand that you are creating out there.


  • Do you create relationships or are you waiting for them to just come to you?

Concentrate on a certain percentage of posts that you would want to share amongst each and every social media Network you are on, however, break them down into content topics.

  • What about your CPM.? How are you doing Ad Impressions via paid advertising? Your Kpi’ s will vary based on how many people you’re interacting with sharing and engaging with your content across the social networks. Ask yourself the following,  how is your brand perceived on social media? Are people talking about you and your services?

One of the things that may help your kpi take shape, is to boost up your link building strategy. When other people link up to your blog it’s going to build a domain Authority and make you more noticeable within your niche market. Your SEO strategy will help improve your brand exposure  and help create  your branded keywords  via search traffic. The more people that engage with your brand then the better it will be in measuring any of your social media campaigns. In essence definitely pay attention to those kpi’s, while you track your social media engagement. I’ve said it and numerous articles, building relationships and engagement is the name of the game on social media.


Kpi’s, do vary from industry, so your goals as a brand is going to depend largely on any particular targeted activity in your marketing campaigns. There is no doubt how we communicate in the social world, has been revolutionized in the eyes between companies and the end user. How you differentiate yourself from your competition will be vital to adjust success. There is room out there for everyone to get a piece of the pie. The question is how big of a bite are you willing to take?

Key Points

  •  How much time do you spend with any particular customer or Prospect monthly quarterly, and yearly, in regards to your products and services.
  •  How involved will you be in the process? Will you remain passive or will you take the responsibility in your promotional efforts? Interacting with your customers will be k, and it would also help and assisting the demographic Market that you want to conquer. The only way your Kpi’s will take shape is depending on the time and effort… interaction you put forth with your customers.

From creating an ebook to your brand to updating your blog posts on a regular basis, there are so many things that you could do to increase your metrics. Perhaps get involved and taking a crack on shooting a video and make it a part of your Facebook update.

New followers, are your fans. So any retweets or shares that will help spread your message across the social networks, especially if you are not directly connected to any particular platform, will allow you to increase your Brand’s awareness. A lot of folks out there tend to overlook the power and the value of referral traffic. Sometimes it could make or break you. Referrals, area a warm hot lead that could bring in tons of business for years to come.


The metrics on this one don’t lie. Especially this year. Over 75% globally are getting involved in video posts , and over 94% of those in the U.S. Source Facebook

  • Frequencies- It is probably one of the most underlying measures of social media, that you should focus on. Along with Deep demographic paid strategy is a probably two of the most key metrics that you should measure and keep track of on a regular basis. A lot of these measures are always associated with any goal that you have. Become very conscious of where you’re Gathering your data from , before your next project begins. How often are you getting your date of monthly quarterly yearly? Is it that you need to ask yourself and keep track of, you could do that on a Excel spreadsheet.
  • Your CRM and your projected plan quarterly monthly whatever it is for you, is going to determine any profits or losses that you may have. So stay focused stay on target in regards to your goals and track closely. Figure out what’s working and what’s not working in your customer relationship (CRM) management. Those interactions are going to help you manage and analyze the data of that customer life-cycle, if you will. All these indicators will help improve any relationship with them, and build towards a brighter future within your social marketing efforts for years to come.

You cannot rush creating  key performance indicators for yourself. You have to make sure that they are relevant to your business strategy. Your measurement. And measurement units will determine your results and interpret where you are going to go, as you continue to use the strategy long-term. Remember, all your kpi’s are meant to show your current progress and success.

Some of the actions that will help you with your kpi’s like I mentioned earlier:

  • Planning a link building strategy.
  • Submitting to an article directory
  • May be hosting a tele-seminar.

You need to take a specific set of actions to make the numbers in your kpi change , remember that.

5 Steps for KPI Success

  1. Think of who you should Market to? When you decide on what your marketing budget is, you may even offer a digital coupon for prospective customers who you think you would like to consider purchasing any products or services from you. Think of who has more of a lifetime value to you down the road. This will help you prioritize your marketing activities.
  2. Use the data from the interaction with your customers via your click rates, opening of any emails  you may have sent. Determine who they are online, what their influence might be. What has your interaction with them been like?
  3. What is the length of your sale cycle? How many times did you need to follow-up to make that initial sale with a new customer?
  4. How many customers have purchased from you more than one time?
  5. Develop an analytics dashboard that will help review your SMO (Social media optimization) related content as your Market on social media.

Always keep in mind that you must be conscious of monitoring the day-to-day objectives and your overall strategy. Every kpi should always show you the bigger picture and your marketing strategy for future effectiveness and overall profits.

Download an KPI Excel dashboard templates for free here;

In a super Jeff Bullas article, he writes: Choose tools based on your goals with specific KPIs that you’re tracking as success parameters. This tool selection is key. 67% marketers named measurement as the top area in which they needed to invest.

 Find out which Kpi’s are most relevant for you and go Rock your content. If you liked this article and felt that it gave you value? If so, would you be so kind to leave a comment and share via Social Media.

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  1. Susan Gilbert (@SusanGilbert) says:

    I agree video is a big part of KPI measurement and will be a dominant force as we move into the next year. Great article!

    • Hi Susan,

      No doubt, I could not agree more. With 10 Million + Videos watched on Snapchat daily, and the implementation of Facebook Live- just to mention a few, video marketing is growing more and more every year. Thanks so much for your kindness 🙂


      Carl 🙂

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