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How to get more website traffic

organic trafficHow to get more website traffic.  This is one of the main questions I get all the time on Social Media.  Learning how to get more website traffic is key to the lifeblood of your business, right? There are many ways to improve website traffic, especially organic traffic, so here are a few things to get started.

* Seo, can be very expensive, so what you would want to do, is leverage a longer title that will drive extra traffic, using long tail keywords. By the way, try not to use more than three long term keywords.

To give an example for something like: * Social Media Strategies
* Your New keyword idea, maybe something like: social media marketing strategies…. strategic social media or  social media marketing facebook

As a matter of fact, By using Google’s Keyword Planner, you may find better ways to find traffic, because you are not competing with some keyword (s) that is so high on the monthly search stat, that you will rank better & have your post seen by more people. Work your way up there. If you decide to do it in a regional market you could even start to develop a nice client base for yourself. If you combine how you SEO terms / keywords on your website you can literally double your traffic. Just log into your Google Keyword Planner and click on search traffic and then search queries, and try to mix some terms. You will benefit by the traffic generated via using a mix of keyword terms.
I suggest to use these keywords when you were writing material for an article on a blog or your website, because you have to consistently create the specific content that is good have basically match with the searchers query, as they are typing in “How to drive traffic to your site… in a Google search box. So go ahead and play around with the Medium based traffic ideas. Remember, almost half of any search results usually end up on page 1 of the Google’s of the world.

*If you want to expand your options, perhaps not utilize Google’s webmaster tools, then check out:

This is probably the best alternative to Google itself.

* Checkout
And see who is visiting your website and why this day and/or leaves.

* Go to
This site will help you use organically, words with your existing traffic to get optimized  results.

*Another key idea is to link up with other leaders that is similar to your niche market, and perhaps do a podcast or even start a forum. YouTube, drives the most engaged traffic on the social media platforms . I highly suggest if you are comfortable with shooting videos to link your website and anything else that you do in the description of that video that you post up on YouTube. The key is in any social media channel, is to engage with the people that are getting in touch with you. Make sure that you promote your content on your Twitter account by auto publishing your videos on YouTube. Just go to your channel settings to do so.

*Bookmark your Content:
This is indeed a great way to gain solid free traffic to your website. Check out sites like: or perhaps

I cannot stress enough the importance of engaging with anyone you coming to contact on any social media channel out there. It is imperative that you mingle. Let them know the warmth in your personality. Have some fun with them. Use something like, and create a funny little caption then post it to something like Twitter perhaps.

I always think it is good to have a blog in addition to a website. You should always write topics that cover trending topics within your niche field. It’s not a bad idea as well to put your ego aside and to be a guest contributor on another blog or website that is similar to what you’re doing. Creating back links to your website is a great thing that will help you increase traffic.

A really neat thing that you could use to start over the local audience and then help expand nationwide and ultimately globally. Go to  It’s a great way to network and find people that are relevant to what you were doing in your local area. To expand on a global scale perhaps you might want to visit:

*  Something NEW in your business? Product,Service or Event? Check out:

* Build a YouTube Channel, link it to your site. Put all links in description box & any tags you want to be picked up on via searches, by using Long term keywords. Long-tail keywords account for a majority of web searches, because this will increase web traffic. Put your URL on a text page at the end of your video, using the Video Manager/annotations option.Promote videos on all Social Media Platforms. By 2017, over 75% + of all Traffic will be driven by video.

* Join a Group on Linkedin.

* Guest blogging for other popular blogs will bring a nice spike of traffic on your site/blog.

*To increase your web traffic, you must have one or more Calls to Action on each page. A Call to Action (CTA) will ask : sign up for our newsletter, download our E Book. Don’t have an EBook yet?

Check out places like:

You can also hire someone here: · Elance ( OR · oDesk (

*Repost your articles to other sites like Facebook or LinkedIn groups linking back to your site. It’s a great way to drive more traffic.

* If you can run a Google pay-per-click campaign.

* Speak, especially as a Keynoter perhaps at a Toast Master or Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Speak at events and post your presentation to your site

* The average article on Google which ranks on page #1, have over 2,000 words in it.

*Media exposure is great. If you cannot hire a PR agency, use a free service like HARO.

* Check out and see what others have written about in your niche field.

* If reaching down DEEP into your Facebook audience, then fight the low organic reach, you can boost your Facebook page posts. Visit the Facebook Ads Manager, then go create a new ad & choose the Boost Your Posts objective.

* On Twitter,  to get options to promote a Tweet.

* Get a Pinterest Business Account and Promote your products/services with:

* You can use these Twitter tools like Klout or Followerwonk to help find influencers. Another Solid tool is In ManageFlitter, go to Manage/Power Mode/ Create Filter. Then use these settings, however, you want to edit the bio search box with any relevant keywords for your industry. By checking the “Popular” box, Manage Flitter uses, it will set criteria to find authorities and influencers, so it helps automates the process for you.

* Use   as a traffic generator. Submit your blog posts to SU. You can start with using the   search query URL, , and replace keyword with your niche / industry.

* Consider joining and get other Bloggers to promote your posts.

*Share your Posts on others will share it as well.

* Create a FREE Online Survey at:

* Use the #1 Social Media Marketing Platform, to identify your “lookalike audience”

I  believe that if you can keep busy promoting on all the Social Media platforms out there, you will reap the rewards in the long run.  There is no easy way out, it takes time & effort on your behalf to learn how to drive traffic to your website, so be patient.

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