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The Guru Inside YOU!

The Guru Inside YOU! Life is always happening to you, and there is a force inside of you that can make amazing changes in minutes. You read correctly, in minutes.  The problem for many people is they have no where to turn for direction without a coach telling them what to do, and that is perfectly fine. Now, let’s get one thing out of the way.

I take it that it’s only been a few hours, if that perhaps, that you even looked into a mirror  and saw that Guru that is YOU. Sounds hard to believe, huh?

You are mostly accountable for everything that has happened to yourself in your life, up to now. You cannot erase your past, however, you can design a better future. How you perfect your self- influence will direct your mind on what becomes valuable to you. Your past is a map of lessons learned good or bad and it will assist to guide you on what to do moving forward. Did anything in your past enlighten any of your future path?  Decisions, are now going to shape your destiny. Be willing to put yourself in a perpetual level of being uncomfortable. Nothing ever worthwhile came from a comfort zone.  Do not let the past set the path for your future, if it is not a favorable one.

Do not let the “BUT” stop you from achieving your greatness. That word will attach limitations to your mind, however, you are here to stand out and be active force within your mindset. You have no limitations, so have that no limit mindset become part of YOU.

Because intent, is a universal force that exists and it guides you on the path of attaining what you set yourself out to do. Of course you’ve heard of phrases like… nothing ventured nothing gained. Don’t become one of those many that live by paralysis of analysis, just do what you set your heart out to do. Just as a butterfly blossoms through a cocoon, you will learn to fly as well.  Discover what your true mission and overall purpose in life will be, since our subconscious mind does not accept or even acknowledge any limitations, and it believes everything that you tell it.

Remember, if you believe in everything that you doing, then so will others.  The more faith that you show and others then the more possibilities that you will have towards taking that vision and making it a reality.  I am all about passion and everything that I do in my personal life and one the things that I hope for you, is that you are as well. When you do all things from the heart and with  passion, that’s when the magic will start to happen for yourself. I guarantee it. This will become an expression of your inner being, and you should cherish it with all your spirit. There is a guru inside of you just waiting to come out, and you must truly believe that for yourself. A diamond in the rough, so get ready to shine. Live your life on purpose.  Having that sense of purpose in your life is the most important element of personal growth while becoming a fully functioning person.

  • Work on the refinement of your own daily disciplines, monthly, yearly.
  • Never major in a minor thing.
  • Your newly gained knowledge that you must seek, mixed with emotions and action, will help the passion and vision you seek will create the moment you have always dreamed of. You will create everything you need for the dream you seek.
  • You are not mediocre, be the producer of what you have inside of you-bring it out. Work harder on you than anything else, since you are your best investment.  
  • Take a peak and see what that open door has in store for you, grasp the opportunity to be someone. Go conquer yourself and not the mountain, after all it’s not going anywhere. You in turn, are going places, getting ready to shine for the world to see.
  • Create a life for yourself worth remembering and one that will make your loved ones proud. Leave the legacy, write the book that others would be moved emotionally to be more, by reading it. Just do what is required to make it happen.

Your perseverance and persistence in times of any failures, obstacles that you will face, will make or break you depending on your outlook towards it. I truly believe that you have inside of you, what it takes to get that priceless self esteem to win the race. Have faith, it is the power to go after what you want.  Belief creates action, and that is the fuel that will take you to the top. In coaching people to achieve their goals, I find that most people do not specifically define what it is they want. It is a common thread among people who have goals but fail to manifest them.  If you will make the emotional decision that must be reinforced over & over again. Then the decisions will become a commitment. You must train yourself to make this behavioral change, then it will become a habit and this conditioning will make you a success that you have desired to be.  If you cannot grow, than you cannot be happy and have the life that you never knew existed. Remember, you will never discover your greatness in your comfort zone. 

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Enjoy Life & Live the way you’ve always Dreamed of!!!

Create a Great Day,

Carl Ramallo, Life Strategist Coach

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