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What Drives YOU to Success?

What Drives YOU to Success?  You are a physical byproduct of your mental thoughts  Many people throughout their lives have always heard things like; ” You’ll never accomplish anything in life” or “That’s not for you”. However, life should be what you choose for yourself, not have it based on what somebody thinks it should be for you. So whatever you tell your subconscious via repeated thoughts could harness a positive expectation for you, if you so choose. The approximate 10% of your conscious mind is something that you need to work on in everyday life, because it interacts with the physical world so you must overcome that percentage. The reason being is that the conscious mind is quite resistant to change, and it generally prefers pretty much, to be the way currently things are in life, whether it’s good or bad. You must have the will to succeed.

  That’s why people get complacent and waste away in comfort zones. Nothing worthwhile has ever come out of a comfort zone. My Hope for you is that you will take some sort of predetermined action, because you should plan to do something wonderful and specific with it. Once you determine the direction that you see yourself going in, then you need to put you subconscious into action, don’t deviate from it at all, because any preparation that will encompass the things that you want to get out of it, will play a role in how it executes it for you. Any changes is clearly going to be your responsibility and nobody else’s. Wayne Dyer, had a wonderful saying, and he truly believed that life exists pretty much in your present moment, because tomorrow is never promised to anyone. And that is so true, isn’t it?

The one difference that I mentioned earlier that will be a key factor and your existence is what I mentioned in regards to your will. That will is sort of a remote control in your conscious mind. What you do, think, act, will directly be influenced by your subconscious.  Master the feeling of living life on your terms, focus on what you envision your life to be, the change that must be. Get into the ritual of making the affirmations into your mind habitual, you will not regret the results that you will achieve, You’re responsible for your own evolution, take responsibility for the conditions that you desire, and give the energy needed for your mind to deliver your wishes. Have no doubt at any time, because any objections that you encounter are created by ignorance.  The more you are in touch with the things within you, than you will be more so with what is around you. As you trust the process, than you will manifest more of what you want appears in the physical reality. Never let any doubt spend much time in your mind and throw it away, since you will not have need for it anyway.

You will always be affected by what you learn in your personal life experiences, you may get a wake-up call and now have a totally changed life.  The shift in your new philosophy can be the spark to ignite your inner flame. Sometimes learning from others experiences can serve you of value too.  Observe and remember that any success that you or they have, will leave a few clues here and there. IF you  spend the time developing yourself in your journey, nothing will be impossible, any good ideas that you come up with will not go astray. You need to grow and need to keep stimulating yourself, so you may grow into the person that will experience the visualization within your dreams.  The one thing you can do in this world that you can control are the choices that will make or break the real you, even a small one, it’s what will affect what you do, where you go, what you read, who you hang out with.  Will you commit and follow the decisions that you make to change for the better? Or will you listen to the media, your friends, your co-workers, perhaps those without ambition that are looking to keep you in a comfort zone that will hurt you more than help you. What you focus on, you will feel, and if you feel it enough to stir up those emotional feelings that will catapult you to make a change, then you will be on your way.

So the question remains, “What Drives you to Succeed? Success could never really be achieved in your life if you’re not motivated enough to attain it. A key toward your personal success,is to learn how to hold a thought or that idea in your mind with a very positive intention, so you can develop any conscious desires and eliminate you’re unconscious fears.

Ask yourself, what does being totally successful to you, actually mean?


Being successful to all people can be many different things at times.Everyone’s definition is quite different. To some people it could be having a loving family. To others it could be to having a thriving business. I will tell you that bring successful it is not an accident. It’s about living your life on purpose. It’s the natural process of taking successful action on your thoughts. Some people say that success is one of luck, maybe an extremely small percentage. However, let’s leave luck for the lottery. There is always a cause and effect that will dictate any experience that you have no life and it’s generally governed by the actions that you take and your behavior towards it. Don’t wait before it’s too late ,a lot of people get too smart in their elder years and  by the time they figure out what to do with their lives, however, they’ve  realized that they are almost out of time.

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