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How to save TIME with these Top Social Media Management Tools.

Social Media Management-ToolsHow to save time with these top social media management tools. There are a number of social media management tools to help you do more, get more sleep time and assist in making money, while taking your presence online to the next level. It’s how you use these tools on all your social media accounts across the web, that will make a difference.

Hootsuite– Arguably one of the most popular so many reasons. Even the free version that they have is fantastic, and for the everyday user. The paid version knocks it out of the ballpark. You can post to several popular social media platforms and also create assignments and monitor campaigns that you set up. Great tools all around, including analytics that will help you monitor and customize reports.

Tweetdeck– If you already Twitter fan like I am, and many others worldwide. Check out this app. The cool thing about it that I love is how it lays everything out vertically across the board your notifications messages and activity will show up right in front of your face so you know exactly what’s going on & what to pay attention to. This operates totally within your current internet browser. For marketing I’ve always found Firefox to be the best. Since it connects directly with Twitter, you will see the updates stream in real time like a Stock Market ticker, when you connect directly with Twitter. Also, Facebook,  LinkedIn and others are there as well for you to check out.

Socialoomph – Not only can you use this for your social media platforms comma however you could post directly to your blog… That’s if you have one as well. Both free and professional versions, either way  you cannot go wrong. The ability to track keywords is great using this application, you could even shorten URL’s, so you will not have to go to a separate URL shortener, which is another pretty cool future behind this application – and so much more.

Cyfe– Since 2012 this L.A. based Company, is an all in one business dashboard for social media. This powerful social media tool; Includes analytics, support and you can basically manage/advertise, just about anywhere you could possibly think of online. Your data could be targeted even to things such as Google AdWords or AdSense.  You can even create dashboards for social media. It takes literally minutes to set one up.

Buffer– I use this all the time. A very cool social media management tool for marketers. You should definitely check this out. Social media means nothing without proper engagement. It is the whole key to ROI, KPI metrics and Analytics. It becomes pointless if you do not engage, developed a relationship and trust with your niche audience. You could use this great tool to queue a tweet , or perhaps a LinkedIn update, or a Facebook post with ease. Just drop them into the queue and Buffer will take care of the rest for you.


Twibble– A very cool way to schedule your tweets with video and images as a matter of fact you can manage up to 60 RSS feeds using this and it has analytics and much more. The cool thing about it,  is that they are such a visual platform, their system will automatically pull a featured image and embed them into your tweets. Pretty cool, huh?

Postplanner – No Doubt a very popular social media platform as well. This application has the ability to add feeds, by going to the “Find” tab to add your Facebook URL, and RSS Feed, not to mention your Twitter handle as well.  How does adding a custom branded toolbar on every article you publish, sound? In addition to bulk uploads and analytics, Post Planner, shows you How to Find Content to Post Inside as well- plus much more. Sounds pretty good to build up engagement, right?…  this will ultimately lead to more traffic and increased ROI. Look no further.

ScheduGram – We are living in a visual world and social media visual is becoming the way to go. If you are a fan of something like Instagram. Then you might want to check this out ASAP. This post scheduler, will allow you to post on Instagram via a web interface for as little as $20 a month.

Zoho– Is a social media management software that would help you across multiple social networks. You can schedule an unlimited amount of posts even monitor keywords. They even have a free version that will allow you to handle one brand on 4 social networks.  They also have some great analytics here as well, that tell you when is the best time to tweet and when most of your connections are usually active during the week.


SocialRank– Is a very overlooked social media management tool that helps you find and analyze your followers and manage them on Twitter and Instagram. Being able to sort your followers pretty nice. You could also find out who retweets, mentions and replies to most as well.

Dasheroo– If your focus is on social media KPis, then this platform is built for social media marketing Pros alike. The dashboard will help you keep and look out on all your social media profiles. You can integrate with Twitter – LinkedIn – YouTube – Instagram – Pinterest you could even use this with your AWeber Auto responder account and much more.

There are many other choices out there with higher costs. I must bring to your attention that everything that you select is entirely dependent on the unique needs of any of your marketing efforts. These are just a few, let’s chat and we can go over some more to help your Marketing efforts!

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