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How to increase your Twitter following

hashtag trendHow to increase your Twitter following. If you are like most people on Twitter, learning how to use hashtags better, will enable your tweets to become found by those in your niche market who are more interested in what you have to offer or say. Using this is one of many tips that I will share on, how to increase your twitter following. It’s pretty cool that if you click on a hashtagged word, it will show you all the other tweets that are currently marked with that same keyword.

Try to keep a limit on the amount of hashtags that you actually use, two or three should be fine, and use only those hash tags that are relevant to the topic of your social media tweets. While some people might consider hashtags a little bit boring, however, it could do a lot for your searches by others too. For example, if you type the words “Social Media” into the search Twitter box at the top of your Twitter page and hit enter, you just see a list of tweets related to just that.

You could use that strategy also to find those people that are interested in the same thing that you are, perhaps even discover more of your niche market, and begin to follow them and vice versa. It truly is a win win for everyone.

* If you want to lets say create a hashtag for a group of people that you network with or some friends, you might want to announce it to them and perhaps start a NEW hashtag for yourself, or that group.

*When you optimize any conversation that you have in social media, that are updated with a #hashtag, they will become quite more visible to people on all the many social media platforms out there, including search engines.

* The BEST Tip I can give on Twitter which is the 9th largest source for traffic online, that you must engage to win is to watch this:

* Here are some pointers to take your Twitter to new heights. One the best thing that you could do is Embed your tweets, you could just code them right on your website.

* Tweets without links- Believe it or not, it will get you more engagement

*Use your Twitter account to join other forum websites. You do this by using your Twitter account to join other forums. When you post on a forum, other people see this and naturally see your information and possibly will then become a follower.

* Join some Directories for twitter. You’d be surprised on some good free ones that gives people a way of finding you on twitter.  Go to

* Learn how to track and analyze your Twitter audience and anything you do virtually on social media with,

* Help people. People love to get help from others. It shows that you care. Eg: Perhaps about giving some resources that provides content on the subject that they might like.

* Participate in some trending topics. You will see them daily. If there are some that are interest to you, by all means hop on and Tweet away.

*Build your Lists. When you get to someone’s Twitter profile you will see “Lists”. If the lists aren’t private, find out how to get on those also. Just subscribe to them, if the keywords that you’re searching are of interest to you.

*Google, which virtually dominates the social media world, calls hash tagging, aka Hot Topics. There is a direct correlation in identifying and reaching their audience on there, so it’ll comes down to all those platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, tumblr, Pinterest etc), and how they will show up on Google, which everyone knows is the top search engine out there.

*If you visit  you will see some of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

*One of the hottest things out there right now is Instagram and if you want to learn more about the top hashtags on there, then visit

*If you really want to get into searching and analyzing tweets, then visit

*Some great social media twitter hashtag tools include,  This will enable you even host a Twitter chat, who will participate in it as well.

*If you are into one of the latest social media trending platforms like Instagram, hashtags that are trending will immediately help you increase your following. you can use up to 30 hashtags to any single photo that you publish.

*I highly suggest any Instagram hashtag freaks ( and I do mean that with a lot of Love),

check out:

Do not be so concerned about hashtags on Google + as much as you are in other platforms, because they pretty much seem to be ranked more on popularity than anything else. As a matter of fact they have trending topics just like Twitter. In the near future I will discuss hashtags further on other social media platforms. But for now these two platforms are extremely powerful to get you moving and found in the social media world.

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