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Klout, your ultimate guide.

Klout, your ultimate guide. So you’re asking yoIMG_20150201_224233urself what exactly is Klout? Well, Klout is an online platform that helps measure users online influence on a scale from one to a hundred. Klout, which a while back merged with Lithium Technologies, is located in San Francisco California. With over 400 pieces of information that goes into gathering its daily algorithm, it will climb through social media data, so whether you hook up other online networks to it lists Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, it’ll know how much and where and when you use and share information on these networking platforms. To me, in many ways, the algorithm here with this company, in my opinion, is somewhat of a game.


“And you must learn to know how to play the game”. I have done exactly the same thing on all my platforms daily on numerous occasions after being online with all my connected networking platforms 7 days a week, over 12 hours a day, and yet this funky algorithm, but it still managed to give me an inconsistent score. What do I mean by that?

I am NOT at information technology guru of any sort, however I am not naive enough, being that I studied computers in college, to believe that if people are actually giving you Klout, which what that is is that they’re almost endorsing you on this platform 10 times daily, and I am engaging with people on Twitter, on Facebook, and Instagram…. just about everywhere you could hook up a platform to the Klout network, yet acquire a negative score for the day. That makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t care what the company has told me and emails, from the communications that I’ve had with them. It just doesn’t make any sense. If you do not utilize it, if you do not post, engage in social media, then yes it would. That’s why I don’t think people should not get so bent out of shape using it.

There is a lot of mystery and incongruity here. Unlike Kred,  Klout is easier to use, and less confusing by a long shot. As far as Peer Index, you can decide that one for yourself, however for right now, I’m focusing on Klout. One of the key things I want to point out that will make a difference in your Klout score is some of the following.

* It helps if you have people with higher scores in your current score give you club and engage in conversations with you on network such as Twitter, Facebook and so forth.

* Having a large Twitter or Facebook number of friends can help as well. Also if you’re on Twitter, having a lot of your post’s retweeted, and also engaging on Facebook conversations are very important in the score that you will get for Klout.

* When you are posting comments, I try to use photographs or images. People like them, and you know do the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, well here it speaks volumes on social media. People love to post pictures and images of places that they visited throughout the world, maybe some pets, some funny things, beautiful flowers, whatever you can think of that will start the conversation flowing or whatever is going to make a difference.

Klout, has something called perks, for the higher ranking users, you get to qualify for some pretty interesting perks you could learn more about that on their site.

*On Twitter, if lets say you are in the business of being a travel agent, one of the things is just, is for you to engage with other people within the same industry, this will be able to help you build rapport, and expand your friends, same strategy or technique to be used on Facebook, etc.

* Having more people that follow you, instead of you following them will definitely help your score on Twitter.

*Get conversations rolling on any social media networking platform. After all that’s why it’s called social media, you need to engage with your audience. So ask questions to get things going.

* Use hashtags (#), as much as possible because they are an integrative trending content form and it’ll help boost your posts:

* Klout, has a “Create Content”, section, that will assist you in finding perhaps a quote or an article that you have written from your blog that you could share with your audience online. Use it. You will see it how it works when it you try it online, it’s pretty easy.

* Get to know Buffer App, to schedule some interesting daily tweets.

* Connect with as many influencer’s that are in your niche market as possible. Eventually one or maybe even some of them might start engaging with you regularly that will help you increase your score.

* Try to gain influence on at least one social network in particular. For me its twitter.

* Focus on posting content that always adds value.

* Engage perhaps in a current conversation and if you contribute valuable information on that particular topic it might get you noticed.

*Show some love and give other klout users a “k “on a specific category or topic.

* Find a good active corporate account, and starting engaging with them.

* Provide feedback to active brands on Twitter.

* Mix it up a little bit. I post quotes on motivational or inspirational topics, even some light humor.

* Remember to add suggested content of what you would like to be known for with your audience if you’re a travel agent put travel / travel agent/ European  travel you get the picture.

* Make sure your Twitter account is public

* Twitter and Facebook do carry the most weight when it comes to Klout score, so keep that in mind.

* Google Plus + is important, so make sure you are using it as well.

* Connect with people, by asking questions such as: ” Do you prefer craft beer or regular beer? just get the conversation going.

* Optimum times to tweet via metric studies, is 6 p.m. time. It will probably change a little bit at a certain time in the future, like everything online…haha.

* Be informative, and relevant to your postings.

* Be consistent, social media could sometimes be a full time job. Posting daily is key on all networks.

* Use    and find people that I have not ReTweeted you in the last 2 months and unfollow them. if you like you could also check out

Klout, uses metrics that analyze you, and it looks at the percentage of people that follow you back, percentage of people you follow, your friends mutual follows, total retweets and more. Pay attention to how many people follow you back. Remember any tweets that you post should be interesting enough what people want to share it. Its quality over quantity. Build your own following, do not just go off of an influencer, and copy them. You might have a half a million followers but who are they?

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