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Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

strategyCreate a Solid Content Marketing Strategy. In the social media world that we live in, content marketing will be one of the top ways that you can reach your target market. The content that you put out there for your readers, followers and prospects will determine tremendously and the success that you have in this media world of ours for the future. As you determine your objectives for content marketing, think of how you will measure your audience and create your content execution.

What sets YOU apart from everyone else?

Focus on content:

I am a big fan of doing blog posts, perhaps you may consider to do a quick YouTube video, graphics, whatever it is that will define you as a marketer, than that is the message you want to send out there to consumer. You must begin to promote your content via social media, since you are trying to build that solid relationship and creating a role of your content that will build your brand /product relationship with your target market. Your best content will find a place out there, that will not only inform your prospective audience, but somewhat be entertaining as well.

Ultimate content strategy goal:

One thing to remember for any marketer is that your overall campaign and marketing strategy is to generate sales via the leads that you have produced. Try to think about what your audience really wants, and you will come up with a solution for them, and ultimately give them a reason to contact you.

Content marketing simply put, is building the relationship  with your future  buyers. According to the Content Marketing Institute, its been documented 45 % plus of marketers will have a content marketing strategy, however, that number needs to increase overall to become more successful in social media. If you don’t get a strategy soon then you’re really going to miss out on some nice returns on investment.

You have to really truly find out with your ultimate goal is when you starting your content marketing strategy in the social media world. Most importantly, execute it on a regular basis.

Develop a plan:

Perhaps you may develop a marketing strategy involving it in a weekly or monthly modality in your execution, this is where social media will benefit you the most. List topics that are most relevant to your business. If you are marketing to consumers, Marketing Profs has stated that an e-marketing newsletter has a 66% effectiveness rate.

Promote your content:

Use every avenue that you possibly can for conversion optimization. This includes lead generation, email marketing, and paid media, along with your social media marketing on all the available platforms, such as: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, SlideShare, YouTube.etc. To put this into perspective when defining the content marketing strategy.

StumbleUpon, has a paid discovery at low prices per click. Reddit Ads, has some similar options as well.

I think one of the main facets of developing a content marketing strategy, is really for a customer engagement, and creating future sales. After all you are an a business to do what? Make a profit that’s right. But don’t just stop there, what you may want to do is you want to dive into the needs, of your customers, via your content. This will now help you start to build your target audience.

Good quality content is probably the main reason the people follow a brand in social media and helping them build their engagement. If your content is relevant more often than self advertising, then that will most likely lead to sales for you. You want to focus on that mutual value of building a long term relationship with your clients.

There is a neat tool called   that after you register will let you enter your email address and assist you in connecting with other people that will help promote your content. I like what I have seen so far and have heard about this. Whether it’sa TwitterAd or HelloBar, there are many ways to get that Content out there.

Pinpointing your content marketing strategy:

Define who you target audience is and developed an overall in-depth understanding of any problems that they’re having and figure out a way how to properly answer any buying questions that they may have. Become the trusted source that they are looking for.

A neat tool to look at that will forecast how your content will perform with the market that you were trying to reach even before you write it, check out

If you do not want to get into content strategy software, perhaps you just might want to set up an Excel spreadsheet that will help you visualize and track your progress with your future audience. I believe an important thing is to try and survey any of your customers and ask questions on what they are interested in, so that will help you develop the content that you were trying to sell to them, which enables you to pinpoint certain features that are important to them in turn that will convert into sales for you. I wrote an article for the Digital Marketing Institute, with some ideas that will help you refine your content marketing strategy- enjoy.

Make sure when you write your material via your content strategy, that you target your keywords on every page so it picks up better on the search engines and also helps you be found by any potential visitors. Remember to use Google Analytics, to track your website page traffic.

I would make sure that you have some sort of a landing page or form for your prospects to fill out that will help them convey information to contact you and discuss their needs and wants.

Your strategy should include everything from a blog post to an email newsletter, a podcast, social media posting, perhaps is 6 second micro video on Vine. Whatever it takes to get your message out there. Approximately 60 % of all businesses are already using some form of content marketing as part of their overall content marketing strategy. is a neat content promotion network, that gets you noticed on some premium sites. 80% of leading brands out there use this company.

Just to recap, if you learn how to identify any problems in your industry that you were focusing on, by doing so you might establish yourself as an authority within your industry…. and is that not what you want to happen? Of course it’s what you are looking to do!

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