Gary Hyman, The “Go To Guy” for Social Media & Personal Branding

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Gary Hyman, The “Go To Guy” for Social Media & Personal Branding. Hi Everyone, today I’d like to introduce you to a friend who delivers in the Implementation of proper Social Media Strategies for your Business, and by the way a really nice guy to boot. He has 25+ years professional work experience under his belt. He has run the P&L for various companies, developed software, run technology projects, performed a business turn-around, organized company financing, developed marketing plans, sales, and now social media. The aforementioned, are quite important in my opinion, because he is not “just a writer”, he understands technology and how to get the best results in the Social Media Market.

I will never forget the first time I spoke with Gary, his smooth South African accent makes you feel comfortable and you just feel like you are having a conversation with a “friend”. One of the things that he brings to the table is that he discusses the overall picture in what you are trying to accomplish in any Social Media project that you may have, which I believe is quite astute of him. “I am highly professional and cut through the social media complexities so my clients can become self sufficient quickly in:

1) Lead generation using business social media strategies and tools and,
2) Attracting and maintaining their loyal customer base using a social media blend

There are so many quality articles of his that help me on a weekly basis, and some FREE items that he gives out that quite simply- you cannot ignore!

Check out

Facebook is now part of most people’s web lives, and Gary in this video below, explains how to automate it’s scheduling.


If you are not happy with where your business is online, then contact Gary and let him help you because you should start establishing your Social Media presence sooner than later, agreed It is my pleasure to know him and I do hope you get a chance to know him as well. “Gary, many THANKS for all you do to help simplify Social Media in a very overwhelming  online world”- Carl Ramallo



  1. Gary Hyman (Social Media Coaching) says:

    Thank you for the kind words Carl. I so much appreciate it and happy to help where I can.


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