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How to Rock your User Generated Content

UCGSo you want to Rock User Generated Content? It’s always a hot idea to basically tap into the power of a customer base and use any original content to fire up your marketing campaign. Brands are asking their customers to basically showcase the creative side, and many of them are tagging their posts with very creative hashtags. If a brand has a product page, on a website or blog, then it’s a great idea to help sell a product or service. Brands, are getting creative by asking any of their followers to give a personalized story what they like about a product or service , then any of those would be featured on their website, and in turn will be sent out to any social media platforms that they are on.

Marketers must leverage every opportunity that they have it instead of just creating valuable content, they should also be looking to create opportunities for content creation. It should be a mission of yours, when looking  to develop user generated content, to focus on attracting and developing an educated audience into taking action as well.

User generated content, is one of those things that always fills in a void , to help others contribute their thoughts , feelings and experiences. If done correctly user generated content, can become one of the most powerful digital marketing methods to spike up sales. I have said this so many times in the past, that when it comes to any content marketing , people that are drawn to a certain product or service that they normally engage with and trust, will pay out tenfold over those that don’t!

People love to be a part of something, and if you give them a platform to do so – they generally will and with great excitement. When was the last time you went to a karaoke bar? The people that take the mic, try to sing like Steve Perry, a former singer of Journey. Speaking of which, has been one of my all-time favorite rock bands, and for good reason. They know how to belt out one good hit after another. Years ago, they came out with a very interesting campaign, if I recall correctly on Instagram, where people are using the hashtag for Don’t Stop Believing , and everybody was singing the song , with their own vocal prowess. It was all over Vine as well, I believe.

According to Ipsos, people that generally posted about a product or brand. were visiting a brand or company website over 67% of the time. Any conversations that they had with friends, that number went up to 74% , which is why user generated content, is so much more powerful then a normal professional review from a local newspaper or radio ad. There is no direct connection between the two known parties, so it’s not as powerful.

User generated content, is so powerful, as a matter of fact, 20% more based than traditional media marketing , because it creates an opportunity for the average user to tell their own version of the story.  Think about it. Look at the success that Snapchat has had daily worldwide. How about web sites like BuzzFeed, where it allows people by logging in to the site to upload their own stories.

The Internet Advertising Bureau, has determined that over 90% of consumers would recommend a brand after interacting with it on social media. So imagine how powerful it would be if a friend of yours recommended something that you trusted.  The difference with communicating with the brands directly, is how responsive they are on social media. Some brands that I love, are horrible at engaging with consumers. A lot of that has to do with a quality of the people that are on board taking care of such matters. Coca Cola, knows how to rock user generated content. They encourage consumers to post pictures of themselves with their personalized name bottles. I remember the first time I saw a coke bottle with a person’s first name on it, I’m thinking, anyone enjoying  this brand, is going to search for their name and buy it.

There are many reasons in social media, why user generated content it’s so powerful, and why you should incorporate it into your own marketing strategy. Consumers between the ages of 25- 55 are basically contributing to over 70% of all user generated content. Just look at the stats on Kissmetrics, 25% of the search results for the Top 20 Largest Brands in the World,  are related to user generated content.

While user generated content, is not exactly new, however, it should basically be on the tip of your tongue when it becomes time for you to Market your brand, product or service. This is how you will learn How to Rock your User Generated Content.  Right  now,  I am seeing many people overlooking this powerful form of marketing. Remember, any comment or testimonial that’s posted on social media, will most likely have a better chance of influencing a buying decision of one of your prospects, as opposed to just relying on your own marketing and advertising efforts for your brand.

If you have a Blog, I would definitely  post any user generated content into your  social media efforts, as well as into a customer testimonial section. User generated content is very Interactive, so make sure that you take the time to allow your prospects and customers , to voice their opinion. This will be a solid indicator of the qualities of service offered, on your product or brand. Make sure to monitor your content and keep developing your UCG to your advantage by properly engaging and supporting those who have a passion for responding on how they feel. Long-term, you will be glad that you did. Long Live UCG.

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