Deb Scott, Internet Radio’s Best Shining Star

DebScottDeb Scott, Internet Radio’s Best Shining Star! I met Deb close to 2 years ago, and the minute I did, I knew she was someone very special. A warm, sweet and caring gal from the New England region that talks up a mean game on the Internet Radio arena. I was honored to be on her show for a few mins. with * Zna Trainer, the Amazing Fitness master, and developer of the O2 Breakthrough technology.

Her Show is Top Rated and her regular broadcasts for “The Best People We Know” Show, with has over 1 million global listeners, simply ROCKS! Deb, is author of the “Sky is Green & Grass is Blue book, a 4 time National Book Winner- impressive to say the least. The book talks about her vision of how to transform ANYTHING bad into a Diamond you Love.  I love the fact how Deb wants to make everyone special, a gift that flows through her soul.

Deb has interviewed New York Times #1 Best-Selling Authors, World Peace Prize Leaders, Professional Athletes, Actors, Actresses, Super-Models, Television Personalities,Olympians, Health Pro’s and much more.  If that is not impressive enough, she also has been featured in the Social Media & print world, with includes: Small Business Trends, Right Here Right Now, WE Magazine for Women, and the list goes on.
She is no stranger to tough times,  to overcome such tragedies as dealing with,  other people’s alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships,sexual abuse, depression to name a few, and taking care of her parents who were stricken with cancer until their demise. Her strong background, which includes a Degree in Biology degree as an award winning Cardiac Surgery Sales Specialist for about 20 years, and an honored Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and only the “Best People I know“, could only do this.
One of my Mentor’s, would tell me that I will become the 5 People, that you spend the most time with and I think you need to get to know her that way every week as you listen to her show.. Deb, chat’s with me weekly on Social Media and she always makes the time to share her message of Love and Positive Light with every message that she puts out there. I worked with people like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and several others, which touched my life beyond belief, and I know she will do that for you.
I know the Key to success is to be around people who lift others and lead by example. She does that and if you allow it, she will enlighten you as well. There is a saying that says, “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”, Deb, just make people feel special and with the power of up to 1 Million listeners on her Show, that is a power packed punch in the Social Media airwaves.  Speaking of Social Media, check her her NEW Kindle e-book: “Social Media for the rest of us”, where Deb gives her tips on how to market yourself.  By the way, you should go get your copy here:
I pride myself in being a true go to guys with no smoke & mirrors. Many an opportunists out there, and I know that she feels the same way like I do, when I see that one of her  clips from her E-Book state the following.
“Long-term success in social media are those who are not only ethical but also generous. They are the people who give without expecting anything in return.” -Deb Scott
How much do you agree with that? She is the real deal ladies & gents.
In my opinion,Social Media, is all about engaging and building relationships, with like minded people that share the same values, ethics and morals. It’s about quality and not quantity. Having gratitude, being humble, and helping others is what it is all about. When you help people get to where they want to be in life, you will in turn get what you want. This is a Win Win situation for both parties. Look it’s all about letting yourself shine and showing the love that is true from your soul!
I know Deb, will agree with me on this.
Deb, has done that and I live by that philosophy, day in and day out. It started in the home for me with the best Mom, a guy could ask for and I never will stop showing it.  Go listen to her and learn to love her, like I do  weekly here:
Thanks Deb, for being one of the BEST People I KNOW, much Love & Respect XOXO.


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  1. Considering the source of this post I am humbled with gratitude and appreciation for YOU Carl! Thank you for helping me become a better person for knowing YOU! Love and blessings always, deb

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