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wealthconciousnessWealth consciousness.  Wealth is a state of consciousness, and it begins to accumulate from desires and ideas that are resident in your mind, the more you stretch your mind the more it will expand your desires and your skills and talents and it’s easily guide you to  success because it will become of habitual on how you use any prosperous thinking. I challenge everyone reading this article to write down your goals, because most people that don’t, will never achieve them. Write down the reasons for you wanting to reach any short-term and long-term goals, however,  don’t waste any time on by  anything negative to read or jealousy or anything like that.

To become the person that you want to be, you need to be a shrewd business person that’s honorable and your thoughts will do anything that’s available to you in life and your wishes will come to you in an unlimited supply, ok.  You want to visualize yourself as a modern day entrepreneur, remember that visualization is a very much another way of being the practical method for day dreaming and it is going to redirect your imagination on a path that you need to achieve your goals.

To achieve any goals, you need to learn how to set up for a real life with Vision, Clarity, and like I mentioned in the past, don’t allow minor distractions to take any attention off who you are and who you want to become. It’s very important to keep that in mind that you got to refrain from gossip any negative criticism from your family your friends or even a business associate, so just make sure that you’re in the right mind frame to reach your goals and remember there’s a saying, that says the ladder of success is clouded with conformists basically leaching at the bottom of the ladder. Do not be too embarrassed to leave the security of the everyday crowd. You were brought into this world to stand out not to be a conformist or to settle.

Realize that your conscious mind never responds to ambiguity, you gotta’ be specific. When practicing Subconscious mind affirmations, you should consider making a list with the most immediate pressing needs and then the second list which is especially the ultimate things that you want to achieve in your life …the biggest desires. If you will, please write down with the left side when it comes to mind when you think about you immediate monetary problems. don’t write things like, paying bills.. write specifically the one most pressing from that moment and go ahead and fill out that left on 1st o.k.

Then when you feel like you’ve done,  on the right hand side, write what want to do, as a satisfying the solution for every problem.

It might take some time to put that together, so remember you need to make a few decisions here o.k. so when creating that list, concern yourself with adequate solutions to any immediate money problems that you have and it should be bringing you to a situation of you knowing you are going and while working on this list, don’t write down things like,  “I want a lot of money”  gotta be specific and write down,

“I, John or Maria,  will make $50 thousand dollars a year as a Writer.” Don’t write things like, I want another job,  Try, “I (name), want to be a Medical Technician, or whatever it is you’re looking to do. So again, please be specific. What you write  on paper is going to be stated as to the fact that it was already accomplished, so that is going to be crucial when you’re writing things down on that list, your subconscious mind notes this statement and realizes that if you want it.

Try something like this “I, Michael, am the new social media marketing manager at Xyz Co.”

So now your subconscious takes that statement in the image of YOU being that person, and gets and it planted there and when you put those affirmations in that format it will work better than anything that you tried in the past.  Always express your affirmations from a positive point of view, and never be afraid to modify any information that you put down on paper for any reason, because your goals may change you might have new interests as time goes by, so you’re upgrading the affirmations. Impregnating something positive into your subconscious mind over and over will help bring it out into your physical reality.  I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, say these things daily, to take to effect.

You need to do this everyday, you have to basically get those images implanted in your Subconscious mind so when you wake up in the morning repeat the affirmations out loud and visualize them, and do it in a clear voice and with some passion.

If you are going to take a walk in the afternoon, take out of the paper that you wrote your affirmations on,  and say to yourself out loud. Also, before you go to sleep at night as well. It is a great time to do it because the subconscious hears your voice of forming something being said and it’s shaping that expression in your mind and don’t be afraid to say it in a closed room  or when you’re by yourself. Please don’t do it while the people are in a living room watching TV.

Your subconscious mind is just center of control of your life at any given time, whatever balance between a positive and a negative some conscious influence, that’s the kind of life that you were going to lead. The more positive influences in action that you have, your subconscious could be literally a Goldmine for you. If there’s more negative influences in action, it’s going to be bad for you. You must deliberately control your conscious actions, to be on the positive side so that it’s recorded subconsciously toward being a noteworthy change.

Master positive influences by deliberately and consciously cultivating positive habits –  you could have anything in your life as long as you desire for it is strong enough to shape your subconscious mind to believe that. Remember that positive subconscious influence remains on the threshold of the conscious mind,  so the kind of life that you will lead is going to be determined by the balance between a positive and a negative subconscious influence. It does not have to be determined by what you did in the past. Accept responsibility for what you did in the past, but also be willing to accept responsibility for your future with a predetermined pattern for it!

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