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Visual Social Media for Snapchat Marketing 2016 and beyond.

socialmediaappsVisual Social Media for Snapchat Marketing 2016 and beyond. The time is now moving forward in 2016, that you better ramp up your marketing to the customer directly, while picking up engagement! If you fail to do this, your efforts will decline in the final results that you were seeking. We are approaching a very visual marketing based strategy here in social media especially for the next 2 years. I know small businesses, consumers and marketers have been hearing a lot of buzz talk lately in regards to Snapchat. There’s a good reason why. This hot mobile app serves up well over 350 +million messages daily. The photographs and videos that has a short life span here, so remember to use it properly.


However, because of the uniqueness of its design, I believe it is a great tool to deliver an immediate call to action for someone that is trying to create a sense of buying urgency… if you will. One of the first things that you should do with this application, is to give a quick preview of a new product or service that you have. Many brands out there are having fun doing this, while creating funky images and creative #hashtags to post. This will definitely help in the response that you get out there on social media platforms like Twitter. Keep in mind that Snapchat, has an audience mainly on the younger side from the late teens to the early 20’s. That estimates mostly half of their users. Stats will change of course as time goes on as more of us seasoned marketers.. haha will use this application. There are way over 100 million users and that number is not going to dwindle at all.


Demographics is definitely getting be an important role when you consider marketing. The best thing you must consider when using this app is to create “stories”, which is a series of small snaps that will stick around for about a day before disappearing which is very similar to Periscope. This will have probably the best effect in your marketing efforts.

There are some limitations to this application, however, being creative in marketing, is what makes one different, right? Make sure you practice before you actually do a story snap, it requires just one take and there’s no uploading outside of the chat. Marketing stories with this application will allow any brand to go be on a one-to-one limitation. The arrow icon on the bottom right corner will allow you to send your story to your contacts. For brands, there is a little share icon in the middle of the bottom screen looks like the little square with a plus symbol next to it. You will notice brands have paid to be listed on the left hand side when you using this application.


Go look up some popular brands like MTV, Taco Bell, McDonalds, EA Sports, GrubHub, to get an idea on marketing. Unlike a lot of social media platforms, there’s no news feed here. You can however text to other users. You need to learn how to build up an audience for yourself with this platform, so please focus on this.. Whatever you do with Snapchat, just make sure that your post is compelling. End of story.

Consider doing the following:
-Run a Contest- perhaps giveaway a product that you are selling.

-If you have a blog or website remember to promote your Snapchat account on it.

– Do you have a Facebook business page? You could use the About section to add links to other social profiles. Feel free to use it to include your Snapchat name.

– Tumblr, will help you Market your Snapchat account effectively based on the type of format that exists on there. So mix and match and promote accordingly. If you have a strong following on another platform, then promote it there as well.

– Add friends with a personalized Snapchat URL This will allow them to add you directly. When they see it on their phone and tap it…done!

-If you are on Twitter, tweet that you are on @Snapchat, be bold and put your username on there and ask people to add you. Say something to the effect of.. we will send out a special offer in the next few hours on our hot new product, or whatever it is that you like to market.

One of the strengths of this app, is the disappearing nature of it, so it encourages users to repeatedly market themselves. Women, dominate the use of this platform 70%. According to eMarketer, 30% of Millennials in the U.S. use this regularly, which is a hot audience that continues to grow. Like anything else in social media determining your audience is always critical. This application as I mentioned previously is popular with younger crowd and over 75% of college students use it daily. Go Rock your Snapchat today and have some fun experimenting with it.

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