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Listening in Social Media? No…then SHUT UP!

ListeningListening in Social Media? No…then SHUT UP! We live in a modern age where as marketers, sometimes we try to communicate a little too much toward prospective customers, instead of listening to what they are actually looking for. In fact over 74% of consumers rely on social media in some form or another to make a purchasing decision. Yet for some reason we can’t keep our mouth shut. There’s a reason why we were given two ears and one mouth. I do know for a fact that you can never learn anything, while you’re running off your mouth, telling them how you are the great social media influencer that you think you are.

It is imperative that we do everything in our power to build relationships with not only our current customers but any future prospects that come along the way, and to ensure the proper engagement while building a relationship. I’ve said this a hundred times over, it’s all about engagement, building trust , once you have probably learned how to do so, that will lead for a nice frequent impact ,that will never lose interest long-term.

One of my mentors, told me a long time ago, ask better questions, and get better results. He was so profound in that statement. You need to develop total responsiveness with everyone that you come in contact with in the business world. Rapport, with people is built by a commonality. Do you know how to do that? Perhaps you need somebody to teach you how to do so. I have been teaching people in business how improve on those skills, for over two decades.

Only 7% of your communication skills are based on words. So my advice to you is learn the proper techniques or shut up. You need to get people to agree with you, connect with you and say “me too”. You will only get to this point ny listening to them.  Learn how to attack your customers concerns, and bring them solutions. However, do it with logic and reason. What you are ultimately looking for is to have your prospects needs and wants filled by what you offer. If you cannot do that, then go back to the drawing board. You need to establish a system and consistently apply this with everyone that you are prospecting AND to remain with your current customers and retain them long-term- by listening more intently, and asking better questions

Since you do not have an exclusive product nor do you have a service that your prospective customers cannot find elsewhere. What you need to do, which is crucial, is build a relationship. Remember, your most valuable asset is your reputation. If you’re an egotist, and you think that you provide the best social media services out there…who would want to do business with such a person. If you were listening in social media, to your prospects needs and wants, perhaps then ask them, as you are gathering information and listening to them …is this what you had in mind?”

You brand will have value when you are increasing sales-of course. However, there is only one proper way to do so, and that is to listen to the wants and needs of those you desire business from.  I believe you should treat people like friends instead of consumers. When you listen…….sssssshhhhhhhhhhh– did you hear that?

Yes, sales will come.

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