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The future of personal branding

globalopportunityThe future of personal branding. The next years ahead in will demand a shift of technology visual effects tools and heavy user experimentation, to determine on which platforms your voice will stand out the most. You are going to have to develop a strategic approach and develop your niche, in the future of personal branding.
Everyone is different  in their personal Branding approach in social media, and you really need you to go with your strengths. From Snapchat to Periscope, technology is already changing and adding new dimensions to a whole new brand new world. What you need to do now is figure out what value that you will get to bring to your brand and marketplace, as you are putting your content marketing strategy together and implementing it towards building your brand in the future years to come. People generally learn how to build a brand by ambulating the brands that influence them. It is the best form of flattery in social media for sure.

You need to be relevant and engage heavily at all time with your prospective market. Pay attention to what other people are saying. If people like what they are hearing from you out there on your favorite platforms as you develop your own style, then they will little naturally gravitate towards morning to hear more about what you have to say.

Improve your branding creativity by showing what you love to do online via your marketing efforts. As technology keeps on rebuilding itself, you must keep on reinventing your brand over time. What makes you stand out more than the next person? You must focus on communicating with the proper audience, then and only then, will they be interested in your message. The toughest thing to keep in mind, is that you will always be experimenting on an ongoing basis for years to come, that is how you are going to commit yourself to the marketplace.

There have been several paradigm shifts in the last couple of years, that is showing how social media is changing and influencing people’s lives. You almost need to merge both your personal and professional life into one. We live in a world where over 95% of Americans that are under 50 are on Facebook on a regular basis.  Perception in the marketplace is key. What you want to convey to your audience is any personal attributes that influence you and those characteristics that define now you want to be perceived in the marketplace.

When I worked with Tony Robbins. One of the first sessions that we marketed was called : Strategic Influence, the Power of Personal Marketing. Keep in mind, this was back around the 1990, so you could see how marketing has evolved over the years in the 21st century and it is continuing to change and evolve. Even then, Tony had the insight of the future of branding oneself out there in the marketplace.

One of the differences that the future of personal branding is going to make, is how one builds their own reputation with their own personal brand equity. Intangible assets that you bring and the ability that you have to influence others by leveraging your experience,  your expertise and reputation in your marketing is going to play a huge role in the future of personal branding.

On some of my previous articles, I mention that you probably need to add video, when you are building your brand in the future. The main reason being is want to become visible to the people that you’re making any buying decisions from you.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how powerful a video is…

Videos are much more likely to rank higher in Google then text pages ever will be. You could see the correlation that is going on in the developer’s minds for branding their brands and products out there. A video will definitely make you stand out as opposed to somebody who is just writing a text article. Your personal brand across the board,will most likely become more customized for your specific target  audience.

Again, any branding that you do, when one hasn’t figured out which visual content they’re going to use, is really going to be left behind in the dust. Companies right now are seeing the need for integrating real time video, which means you’re going to consistently have to focus on real time marketing on a regular basis long term. The future of personal branding for you, will involve in putting a real-time marketing of video content as well.

Keep in mind a lot of social media today is mobile. And technology is changing it all the time. That’s why everything from Vine,Snapchat to Periscope, Blab,etc. will explode in popularity among consumers in the years to come. 52% of any site traffic is coming from mobile devices in 2018,  2/3 of that traffic on mobile devices will be via video.

One of the new items that is coming in to mix is that you must be prepared to pay, because organic reach is falling by the wayside. Just recently Instagram and Pinterest both introduced ads and promoted pins. I believe those trends are likely to grow on sites in the future that are more visual based. Mobile app usage is up over 6% as of 2018, and it will rise sharply.

How you adopt your style, relevance, and promoting your content on social media in the future, is going to depend on how you resonate with your audience and the new trends that are taking place with technology. You must learn how to adapt to it. Social media branding in the future for you and brands, will be your  podium. Visual marketing campaigns, I believe will be the new benchmark in the future of personal branding. The largest social platforms out there are going to focus more and more into monetizing in the future. So how you will reach your audience via your preferred platform is simply don’t to change your branding strategy.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please enter your comments below at the end of this article, thank you so much for your time. 

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