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Periscope Tips for Twitter’s Live Streaming App

periscopeiconPeriscope Tips for Twitter’s Live Streaming App.

Ever since Periscope and even FaceBook LIVE emerged on to the marketplace, live mobile broadcasting is becoming huge in the social media industry. There are quiet subtle differences in both of them, and I will not get into the technicalities of it, because overall I think Periscope has a greater advantage from a marketing standpoint, due to the fact that it is connected to Twitter. Many people are asking how can you make money using Periscope?

Well, first off. If you have a product or service to sell, get on there and just start talking about it. Mobile and Video Marketing in the next few years are going to account for 70 + % of marketing online,  so the visual aspect of using this powerful marketing tool is huge.

Since March of 2015, this tool has been changing a lot of small businesses and influence marketers means of promoting themselves. In addition, since August 2017 it sees over 32 Billion views daily. Do me a favor and please don’t pay any $ on a program that will tell you how to make money using this product, you don’t need to do that. The bottom line is get out there and start putting the word out what you do, using this tool.

So how do you actually broadcast on Periscope.  Just press the log in with Twitter button and you’re simply live. Remember to choose the Twitter account that you wanted to use to broadcast, especially if you have more than one. If you do not want to use your Twitter username, then create your own Periscope username. I would capitalize each word in your username, it’ll make it a little more readable to your Periscope viewers. On a side note, occasionally you will run into some blockhead who just wants to annoy people and possibly you, while you’re streaming live, my suggestion here would be to tap on the user that you want to block and then just tap, where it says block user. Use Periscope Producer to Broadcast from external devices.

* If you want to share your broadcast on Twitter? Then click on the little twitter icon before you broad cast and your Twitter followers will get a tweet on it. When you are done with your broadcasting just double tap to flip the camera. And to end it simply just swipe down and click on the stop broadcasting. The cool thing about this is that it remains live 24 hours afterwards, unlike Meerkat, once you’re over with your broadcasting- it’s dead. However, if you wish to save your video permanently, just type #Save in your Title Posts. That’s it, but the great thing about it is that your followers instantly been notified that you are actually broadcasting, so they will be directly connected.
If you are on Twitter, anyone in your Twitter community could literally click on the link of any one of your scopes and watch whatever is showing on your phone. Facts tell and stories sell,that is an old saying in the world of the sales gurus, so people will use this broadcasting tool that is live, to give their points by telling stories or whatever it is they’re doing or promoting. While you are using this fun tool, the people that are watching can ask questions and you can answer them live. It’s a pretty cool piece of technology if you ask me. If you have anyone following you on this application, hey could watch you for 24 hours after that live stream, So again, just to recap, unless you save it- poof- it’ll be gone. A few brilliant marketing friends that I know,will not do a YouTube video, if I paid them. So you can do a 3 minute  or 15 min. video here and just get it out to everybody in the comfort of your home, or even if you’re on the beach. After you streaming video, Periscope, it will automatically post that link to Twitter for you. It also gives you the option of saving to a private stream.

One thing to keep in mind, especially see you folks that might be either nearsighted or farsighted you gotta keep the phone close enough to so you could read the comments of anyone that might be asking you a question. I have a dear friend who does a great job of doing this. The growth of this product is absolutely tremendous. 10 Million plus people have registered for an account as you’re reading this right now. It’s clearly beating Meerkat and any other social stream video application out there as well.

Here are some of my tips for you on how to use this streaming video tool effectively:
* Like I mentioned in some of my videos on YouTube, and on my blog articles. Overall, you need to let your personality shine. Just be you. Remember content marketing is about establishing your expertise and even though you are delivering it live on streaming video, concentrate on building a relationship with your audience . Remember, it’s not about necessarily advertising.

* Depending on what you do, broadcast some tips and answer some questions for your viewers. Do not try to sell yourself at any point in time. If you feel you could solve a problem, and bring value to someone, that should be the topic of your stream for that scope.

* For right now it seems the best times to stream is in the evening hours, however it does get a little tricky because the time differences, since this could be seen anywhere in the World.  If you live in the US between 7 and 10 p.m. seems to be working great right now for people.
* When you’re going to name your stream, think of something creative.
* If you have a blog or website, whatever you want people to check out make sure you give it a plug towards the end your stream.
* If you were in a particular industry, a great thing to do, will be talking about any Hot Trends or issues that are happening at the moment. Get people engaged in that conversation. They will remember is that come back to see u streams often. And in turn, they will tell others, and your feed will grow like wildfire.

*Call to action. You can actually swipe to your right while watching the broadcast and share it.
*Just in case, you want to see and learn what is hot right now that is streaming on periscope, check out http://www.streamalong.TV

* Check out how brands are using periscope to stream and get business to the masses. Adidas, is one company that does it exceptionally well. For more tips on how to use this product and how it could benefit your small business as an entrepreneur. Contact me and take advantage of my 15 minute free consultation and from there we could take it to the next level if you so decide to do so. Thank you so much for your time.

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