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How to build an engaging Instagram following that increases sales

How to build an engaging Instagram following that increases sales.

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Let’s face it, this social media platform is hard to ignore. It has over 2 billion active users worldwide of all ages. Brands, in particular should definitely take notice to utilizing this platform, because it does have a unique marketing reach.

* What strategy will you be using? All marketers in social media, and brands, without a strategy you are literally planning to fail. You want to put together some unique pics, that you want to try on Instagram to grow your business. For example, consider driving some targeted traffic back to your main website for your brand. Try to be as authentic as possible and use proper applicable hashtags as much as possible. Relevant keywords are particularly useful, when you are also discovering any popular accounts that you might want to Target.  It’s up to individual users to build and engage with them, just research the proper hashtags that they are frequently using on a daily basis.

*Check out
To determine what you would like to share hashtag wise

*Turn your privacy settings off – Just go to general settings, to do so you can type in a call to action right there on your geotag.

*Learn how to master the hashtag on Instagram– Perhaps you might want to consider creating a custom hash tag.

If you sell a diet product you might want to try something like;
You can add some fun little infographics on there as well.

* Promoting a Contest or Give Away? Create a hashtag for it, and promote it.

* Make your followers or friends literally famous and promote their pictures and hashtags on your Instagram account.

*Brand Related Image Posts– you are essentially telling a story visually on Instagram. So make sure that your images for any service, product will communicate effectively. Make sure all hashtags that corresponds to your visual photo are in your target audience lines to reach.

* Emotional Reactions– one of the greatest foundations of the human spirit, is to be wanted and loved. Along with encouragement. The stronger the emotion, the more likes, and shares that you can get with your brand people will connect with you and want to react to your content accordingly.

* Check out
This will allow you to gather all the key metrics about your Instagram account, that you share along this social media platform along with your content, regions, and follower growth charts.

*Look to Target some businesses on Instagram– Since this is basically a mobile application, I need to make you aware that under 35% of businesses are on Instagram.

*Try to have at least 10 hashtags to get the maximum engagement.

* Use that – this is the  #1 Emoticon. Use it in your comments to stand out again noticed.

* Filters- Make sure that you are using the proper filter for your photo. “No Filter” & “Inkwell” & “Valencia”, are quite popular.

*Consider Video– If you could stomach to put together a solid Post in under 15 seconds you will get a great number of comments. Stats show over 15% of all comments were via video format.

*Mention Industry-related leaders. Reciprocity, can be your best friend here.

* Posting Times- Don’t go on a post Overkill here. It is not necessary. If your impactful enough, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening is more than sufficient. 5-6 PM is a very popular time.

*Come up with unique hashtags – Try not to be too generic. Have a very specific reason for using a custom hashtag.

* Use Apps–  Check out Instaframe 

Any pics that you post, regardless of its subject needs to Captivate your audience, and Inspire them somewhat emotionally,to create some back-to-back activity. Ultimately that is what you want. Try to resonate with people more on a visual level… use that thought when you are thinking about posting something here on Instagram.

There are some posts that I see, that people use irrelevant hashtags on the pictures. That is a wrong strategy. If you think that you’re going to pick up extra engagement by doing that – don’t even bother. Keep it as relevant as possible.

Since this platform mainly revolves around the hashtags followed by the photo. Because the hashtag “really” is the part that’s going to attract the audience that you’re looking to reach.

One of the things I highly recommend, like in anything else in social media, is perhaps leaving a useful comment and engage with as many people as you can so they will have even MORE of an interest towards contacting you!

Just like Twitter, you can also use a trending hashtag- If you are a brand, or have a business that wants to attract a certain niche audience in a particular region, what you will want to do is include your location in your post. So go ahead and use geo-tagging when creating a new post. Last but not least, promote your Instagram account everywhere on all your other social networks. By utilizing the power of all those channels synergistically, you increase your chances of growing Leaps and Bounds on Instagram.

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