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Facebook 360 Video Virtual Reality Social Media Perspective

FB 360 degree videoFacebook 360 Video Virtual Reality Social Media Perspective. Since Live Streaming has hit us smack in the face like a brick, Facebook 360 video, is taking this concept just a bit further now. As we all know, YouTube has dominated the video digital marketplace for many years. However, someone by the name of Mark Zuckerberg, who we all know very well, wants to bite into that pie a little bit. He has taken the concept of live video streaming, in Facebook moments, announcing his concept of 360 degree video.  This was in creative development a while back at the Developers Conference in San Francisco, March, 2015. As a matter of fact they are testing their feed and just dedicating it to video. Last year they acquired the maker of Oculus Rift, which is a maker of a headset for virtual reality games. I believe that Facebook must build out their platform, in order to make it succeed properly.  The main difference is that this new concept will not require the glasses of course. This may change things up a little bit. You will be able to scroll this feed just like you do with anything else on Facebook, while enjoying the 360 degree experience.
The initial videos are being tested too many iPhone users currently. In the next upcoming months, Android uses will get a test as well. Why they’re choosing iPhone first, is beyond me. The advantage that Facebook has over the competition so far, is data. They have it, and they know it.  Video has always been shown to increase a brand’s social media presence.  I’m sure it’s not because he owns a lot of Apple stock lol. In a few of my previous articles on this blog, I have made mention that video marketing is good account for very large portion of all marketing within the next 18 months. Facebook, believes in that same part as well in the social media world obviously. The latest concept of live streaming between Periscope, Meerkat & now, Blab, The game has been changed 360 in my opinion, we are definitely headed into a widescreen future.  Making the recent announcement worldwide that users will watching 4 billion videos a day, compared to about 3 billion that they had in January of this year, the vision set now is clear.

Over 75% of videos viewed on Facebook were via mobile devices, and it is certainly apparent that the number is going to grow rapidly. Since the viewership has quadrupled in the last year for them, imagine how the future will be growing for live streaming video by late 2016. Just like print ads sort of died, than the tech world just too over and is re inventing itself all the time. When you have 1.4 billion monthly users, watch out. Mobile Ads made up 73% of its $3.3 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2015.
Are you surprised at all that Facebook wants to tap into the YouTube market a little bit? I’m not at all. Twitter, which owns two video properties, Vine and Periscope. Even Spotify, recently added video streaming abilities to its music streaming app, indicates that Video ins changing the way we will see things in Social Media. There will be a feature that you will be tapping the Video button on the bottom of your Facebook application on your iPhone or even in the favorite section on the left hand side of the news feed via the web. Similar to what you to currently does, Facebook is testing a way to let you shrink the video to a smaller thumbnail size and put it in the corner of the screen and then you could keep scrolling the news feed. I see that feature a lot on the music video site with YouTube, which I like.
In my opinion, Facebook wants reach just about anyone out there in the world who isn’t yet the Internet.

With a cell phone, that is quite possible. There is no question why they’re offering a smartphone application that provides free access to Facebook and other online services, in several countries around the world. Currently there reaching over one and a half billion people on a global scale, however that leaves over 4 billion people in an untapped market. This is a future position of the company they cannot seem to resist. I must admit it is pretty cool to see where any Facebook 360 video user can drag a cursor and Mobile uses can tilt the device in any direction to get that 360 view experience… Just admit it- that’s pretty cool. Recently, Saturday Night Live, rolled out an episode where they were viewing the audience 360, I’m not sure if some of you caught it.

You can use Google Chrome browser or Firefox to view it on your computer. Personally I love Firefox.Simply look around on a video via computer just grab your mouse and click on the screen and drag it around to see what I mean. Remember, on mobile devices, you just simply move your phone around the video, or just tap and drag.
Facebook, recently viewed vamp its profiles in a big way as well. It has an option to post a video as your profile picture. This feature will be rolled out a lot further worldwide. Consumers spend more time on Websites with video content,according to ComScore, they will spend 2 minutes more on a site after viewing a video. Online video and mobile traffic have an amazing correlation, to become 75 % of all mobile data traffic by 2017,

In addition,Video will account for approximately 70% of consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.  So whether you will see a 360 live streaming video on your cell phone or laptop, the game is changing.  It’s clear that they are seeing the future of video marketing out there, and they want to be a major player in the social media arena. I think they could do it. What are your thoughts? Scroll to the bottom of this article and let me know what you think. I appreciate your time. If so, would you be so kind to leave a comment and share via Social Media.

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