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Twitter Fast Start Tips 1-2-3

twittertipsTwitter Fast Start Tips 1-2-3.  As many of you know I LOVE Twitter. There’s a lot of different ways to get traffic from it. So when you post any article or Tweet of yours and maybe you will appreciate a lot of things that social media has to offer to you and this wonderful platform.  Within Twitter, Facebook, Google + you got can get a lot of traffic for a certain well written type of article. There is about only 1 % of you Twitter followers that will click the links that you may tweet and that means that for every 1,000 followers, you are only going to get about 10 clicks on that particular link, so what do you probably have to do is have to look at something such as advertising with Twitter.

Most people really are stressing out there over is the growing number of Twitter followers that they may have, and you don’t want to focus on making everyone an influencer.  Just tweet content you feel good about,  and if they like it and they find value in it, they will tweet it. Below are some of my TOP Twitter Tips.
One of  the things you might want to consider when getting more traffic for yourself on Twitter if you will,  you will want to get more visual. Visual posts are more important than ever.  I can’t stress enough how great of value that’s going to be to you.

* When creating a new tweet, you might even upload a photo and attach it to tweet no on you camera button on your mobile phone and you can always preview that photo as is it will appear on the Twitter timeline, so before you press tweet,  you could kind of approve it or not.

* Another place to get some images to include out there is from   they don’t charge a loyalty fee, so you may find some nice pics there to help you in drafting out some of your future tweets.

* Almost half of online marketers out there generate a customer from their blogs so that’s a pretty good statistics you want to make sure that you’re attract attention with your tweets.  I would recommend that when you plan on posting tweets, that you have should be posting at different times a day for maximum visibility, you may want to schedule tweets based on the highest visibility on your particular account.

* Check into something with a scheduling tool out there like,

It is an awesome tool for Twitter, so you know just to keep in mind there when you’re sharing content out there to use this valuable tool.
* Another good technique to gain traffic,  is to take a poll. Ask them something like, ” What do they think 2015 holds for Social Media.. and then just put it out there and see who engages with you in a conversation.
* Keep in mind when you post on Twitter, that using hashtags is very important.  You will get more visibility and probably double the engagement using hashtags then without, so yes consider this when you are brain storming that NEW post.

*Perhaps, you might want to find out which hashtag, is very important,  go to sites out there like :   Do a search on you know you think you might want to tweet about and find any relevant trends happening out there.
* One very important thing, that people overlook at times is the Twitter profile. You need to make it very interesting I think being one of the first things that people will see when they go to your Twitter page, so if the profile was boring, they just may pass you by, so you might want to put a couple of key words and your bio.

* Bio Keys:  Add Key words about your occupation and interests that you may have in Social Media or whatever you are trying to accomplish on Twitter. Perhaps you might even consider a niche targeted Bio, let’s say if you’re one of those people perhaps are a webmaster or has an SEO service, you might pick something with the SEO name, like SeoKing or something to that effect.

* A good service that will help you increase your reach and help you configure your tweets, consider:   tweet the last posts published in a blog via a RSS feed.

* Another solid tool to consider is something called,  it will help you get potential followers and target followers in niche targeted  categories. which will help you get in contact with  their followers and so forth.

* If you have videos out there on YouTube, like I do,  videos will it get a lot more ReTweets. As a matter fact,  over 25% more Retweets, if you have it, so if you have a good engagement hashtag, and video, put that on there because you’ll be able to get a lot more action out of your tweets.

ReTweets. When you ask for ReTweets, please use the word please okay, you’ll probably get 4 times more using the word please that without.

*Leave  some characters out of the 140,  shorten them, by using something called,

and you’re more likely to get retweeted just because of that up also.

* Quotes, I love using them since my background is as a Personal Development & Motivational speaker.  I think it’s a great way to encourage a Twitter following, like we spoke about earlier, use images and pictures and so forth and make sure that it’s easy for people to follow you. Another great tip is to mention other people it’s very flattering and they appreciate it and will help them I return to save it to you.

If you publish a blog or website  then you might want to include a link to your Twitter profile and other social media platforms out. Perhaps even in a newsletter that you’ve created. So there you go, some of these things I think a really help you get a fast start on Twitter, and if you want to step it up a little bit, always consider the advertising options that Twitter has, which are: Promoted tweets – promoted accounts and promoted trends. So happy tweeting everyone and till next time, if this post is provided you with value, kindly re share on Social Media PLEASE.

Enjoy Life & Live the way you’ve always Dreamed of!!!

Create a Great Day,

Carl Ramallo, Success Coach

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