What is the quickest way to grow a social media account?

What is the quickest way to grow a social media account?
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What is the quickest way to grow a social media account?

Selecting the Ideal Platform

Let's kick this off with a seemingly simple question: what social media platform should you focus on? I reckon we’ve all felt that sense of overwhelm when confronted with the bounty of social platforms out there – from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to TikTok, the list goes on and on. I remember when I first started out, I would sit with Max, my Golden Retriever, and Inky, my black cat, both offering a thoroughly nonplussed audience as I agonised over which platform to select.

Truth be told, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. The suitable platforms greatly hinge upon factors such as the type of content you produce, the target audience demographic, and the way you wish to engage with your fans. For instance, if you're generating snappy and engaging short-form videos, TikTok is your arena; if you're into sharing images and stories, Instagram is your battle ground; and if you're into professional networking, LinkedIn it is. Therefore, understanding your content type, audience, and engagement is crucial.

Content is the King

(And queen, and duke, and every other member of the royal family for that matter.) Substance, my friends, reigns supreme when it comes to social media. You can have the most aesthetically pleasing layout and the catchiest handle, but they’re practically redundant if the content quality falls flat. Believe me, I've been there – vainly trying to stack up followers with shiny bells and whistles while poor Max just looked on in sympathy.

When we talk about good content, we're speaking about its relevance, its value, its ‘shareability’ and its reflectiveness of your brand’s uniqueness. Whether it's entertaining, enlightening, or educational, your content should always offer something that resonates with your audience. Stay consistent with your image and messaging — that's the surest path to carving out a distinctive space in this digital landscape.

Mastering the Engagement Game

Picture this: you're at a party, delivering the wittiest, most riveting monologue, only to realise you're talking to a room full of mannequins. That's what posting on social media without engagement feels like. Erase from your mind any misconceptions you may have about social media being a one-way street; it's very much a dialogue, a continuous exchange of thoughts and emotions.

Engagement propels visibility, fosters relationships and adds a human touch to your social media presence. Whether it's replying to comments, delivering fast customer service, initiating meaningful conversations, or simply liking and sharing, never underestimate the power of effective communication. Sometimes, when I comment on posts, it feels like I’m participating in a giant global conversation! It’s like talking to Max and Inky, you know, but with much more feedback.

Consistency is Key

Just imagine if I promised to write a blog post every week and then, out of the blue, disappeared for a month. I bet some of you might applaud (cheeky devils), but it wouldn’t do wonders for my blog stats, would it? Same with your social media presence. Being irregular with your posts can confuse followers and eventually lead them to lose interest.

Keeping a consistent post schedule does not only keep your existing audience hooked, but also enhances discoverability for potential followers. How frequently should you post, you ask? Well, that mainly depends on your content strategy and the platform you're using. But whatever the frequency, just make sure you carry it out consistently.

Using Tools to Boost Reach

Let's be honest - I’d rather spend my Sunday afternoon playing with Max and Inky than pouring over social media analytics. Luckily, technology has our backs. Various tools and apps can help expand your reach, automate posts, track performance, and much more.

From scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, analytics tools like Sprout, to strategy managers like Hubspot, there's a wide range of helpers available. They bring with them the power of automation, deep insights, and strategic management, breathing life into your social media grind while you can sit back, relax, and watch the followers flow in.

Collaborations and Partnerships

I can hear you thinking it: "Daxton, does it all have to be me laboring away at my social platform?" No, my friend, you're not alone. Collaborations can play a significant part in growing your social media account. I've had the chance to work with other bloggers, influencers, even brands, which has been a mutually beneficial experience.

Whether it's tagging each other in posts, running giveaways, or sharing each other's content, collaborations help cast a wider net of visibility. Not to mention the credence that comes along when audiences see you connected to influencers or brands they like. It's like getting a high-five at a party, it immediately boosts your cool quotient!

Optimising Bio and Presentation

To round it off, don't forget the importance of creating a stellar first impression. An optimised bio, profile picture, header image, and call-to-actions can make all the difference in making a visitor hit that follow button. Make sure you elegantly convey who you are and what you do within the constraints of a social media bio—it's like a digital elevator pitch! Be concise, be sharp, and be engaging.

Honestly, it reminds me of the time I attempted to take the perfect profile picture with Max and Inky. After multiple shots, funny face attempts, and getting a face full of cat fur, I ended up with a photo I felt was real, engaging, and reflective of who I am - just a guy, his dog, and his cat, sharing his thoughts on the world and hoping to connect with others doing the same.

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