How to Turn Sales Prospects into Partners

How to Turn Sales Prospects into Partners. You’ve accomplished the initial phase of joining a Network Marketing company, and now you’re ready to see the money flowing in, right? Finding customers and partners are the lifeline of your business.  Despite the inspiring team meetings and conference calls, the awe-inspiring speakers and the encouragement for you to dream big, without customers and sales, you have nothing! In order to become a Master at making sales, you must learn the … [Read more...]

How to Gain Prospective Fresh Leads for your Marketing Business.

How to Gain Prospective Fresh Leads for your Marketing Business. The key ingredient to achieving success in any network marketing business is to create a consistent generation of leads. Without this, the business will simply fail. Once you start your Network Marketing career and embark on the journey to building your business, gaining prospective leads will be one of the first challenges that you’ll have to face.  To avoid analysis paralysis on getting your first few leads, your leaders … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Ask for Referrals

1. Ask referrals from your existing client base 3 Ways to Ask for Referrals.Capitalize on your existing customer base and ask them for referrals. Make sure that the first person that you ask is one of your best clients.  Satisfied clients are already raving fans and they’re boiling over with people that they believe can already benefit from your service.  However, don’t wait for them to tell you, but take the initiative to ask them to share 2-3 people that they think could benefit from … [Read more...]

How To Convert Reluctant Prospects

How To Convert Reluctant Prospects.Ever met a prospect who flat out refuses to believe you? Do they simply contradict everything you say? Here is a skill that may get them to see your side and agree with your point of view. Keep pushing and you’ll push them away Answering objections is a skill you’ll want to learn very early in network marketing. The trouble is, even the correct, accurate answer may not always get you what you want. People can give objections like “network … [Read more...]

How To Generate Leads Everywhere You Go

How To Generate Leads Everywhere You Go.When you are in Network Marketing, one very important aspect of your marketing campaign is to leave a footprint everywhere you go.  No, I don’t mean a literal footprint!  I mean that EVERYWHERE you go, the next person who comes behind you knows that you were there.  How do you do this?  Here are some ideas: - Business cards – You should have a good stack of business card with you in your purse/wallet.  When you pay for a check, leave your card … [Read more...]