Subconscious Mind

Secrets of Your Mind. How your Mind Works. As our mind works almost exactly the same way as a computer, it makes sense that the success we experience in life is a direct result of the way our mind is programmed – which influences our business decisions, instincts, and way we choose to analyze facts and figures at our disposal. So basically, depending upon the way it is programmed, our mind can either magnetize or attract success to us, or, just as easily, repel or sabotage it. The secret key is to get the affirmation into your subconscious mind, is quite easy when you just wake up or when you’re falling to sleep. It is then, in these precious moments when your conscious mind is less likely to interfere You must learn how to influence your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind affirmations must match your emotional feeling with intense belief. If you want to attract money into your life, for example; I request money comes to me for everything that I need.

Creating a wealth consciousness helps tune your mind in to the proper ‘frequency’ so that you become open to opportunities and success which you may have never been available to you if your mindset was not tuned in correctly. In a physical sense, changing your thoughts and mindset to a wealth consciousness means that your brain actually become ‘wired’ or programmed to detect opportunities and success, and this way of thinking actually becomes progressively easier, and a more natural way to think, as time goes on.

This is because our brain possess hundreds of thousands of neuralogical pathways running through it, which transports the tiny electrical impulses of our own thoughts through our body – and when we change our wealth consciousness, those particular pathways associated with ‘success’ begin to suddenly transport more and more electrical impulses around them – and this increased mental ‘traffic’ transforms these neural pathways from dragging our feet into major neural Rocket Fire. When this happens, it literally becomes easier for us to think these kinds of successful thoughts, than it was for us before.

And then, as the saying goes, “success breeds success” – we virtually become programmed to succeed, no matter what the environment. As the more success you have, the easier it then becomes to be even more successful in the future. If you constantly think of success you will achieve success. But it’s not only the neural network that helps to create our success.

Our brain also houses the powerful mechanism called the Reticular Activating System, which is like an internal targeting system, which locks onto whatever target you decide upon (ie. the goal you wish to achieve), and helps you to seek it out, locate it, and achieve it. eg. if you decided you would like to buy a red Porsche, your reticular activating system would target the image of this automobile within your brain, and you would suddenly become totally aware of every single red Porsche that you drive past or happen to see as you are driving. (Try it, it works!).

The only small challenge, is that these powerful resources can also quite easily work against us if they are not programmed correctly, which can be reflected in our life in the from of missed opportunities, continued financial hardship, bad decisions, imbalance in one’s life & debt problems.