BackupBuddy Restoration & Migration Tool

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Please select the backup file you would like to import or migrate. Begin with a Full Backup then import the latest database backup if one exists. You will be given the ability to modify server settings on Step 4.

Throughout the restore process you may hover over question marks such as (?) for additional help. For support see our troubleshooting resource links or support forum.


ERROR: Unable to find any BackupBuddy ZIP files. Upload the BackupBuddy ZIP file into the same directory as this file and keep the original file name. If you manually extracted upload the backup ZIP & select Advanced Troubleshooting Options & click Proceed to Next Step Despite Warning.

Advanced Troubleshooting Options
WARNING: Advanced use only. Use only if directed by support. Improper use may result in lost data or worse.

Skip zip file extraction. (?)
Skip import & migration of database.
Skip migration of .htaccess file.
Force medium speed compatibility mode (ZipArchive).
Force slow speed compatibility mode (PCLZip).
Show detailed PHP warnings.

Error Logging to importbuddy.txt: (?)

WARNING: There appears to already be a WordPress installation at this location. It is recommended that existing WordPress files and database be removed prior to migrating or restoring to avoid conflicts. You should not install WordPress prior to migrating.

This script last updated at BackupBuddy v1.3.4