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Thanks so much for your comment. You make some great points on building relationships, which I agree is “not” about power. Come by and visit again.

Be Well,

Carl 🙂

]]> By: Carl Ramallo Fri, 23 Sep 2016 00:56:18 +0000 Hi Neal,

As always, it is a pleasure 🙂


]]> By: Neal Schaffer Thu, 22 Sep 2016 22:14:46 +0000 Thank you so much for your kind mention – and sorry for taking so long to get here!!! #NoTweetLeftBehind 😉 ]]> By: Matthew Sat, 10 Sep 2016 02:03:13 +0000 I love it…I truly believe that because online is growing so fast and it is so interactive that I see down the road because it is easy to claim influence that the meaning is lost.

Noun: The capacity to have an effect on the character development or behavior of someone or the effect itself.

Which is why building relationships must be all in part of the discussion. How does someone do that when they become famous and grow an audience like a rock star. .. I have no idea ..I can say that I have had great experience with people online. Influential ….The way I think..Everyone is an influence and its how you as an individual to individuals is what makes you grow. I do most of my engagement on my Cyber Dust now Dust .. I have built great influential relationships …It is what I see in the person which invokes the influence. I do not like to see people harassed or trolled without context so whether your a kid or a famous movie star its not right. Most people think influence is about power but I put much more in the compassion category as in order to have an audience or individual to influence you must inspire within them too. So people in Power are not influential if they are forced to care.